Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Cabin Trip and Other Little Tidbits of Summer

We took a little trip up to the cabin with Raylene, Larry, Mandy, James, and their kids.  It was super fun, as always.026Hunting for animals.
Uncle James brought his mini speed boat, so we took all of the kids to the little lake to see what it could do…032028038039045Yes, Easton fell in the water right after this picture was taken…
Then, we might have snuck onto someone else’s property when we spotted this slide, and just had to try it.051052054063Tessa couldn’t get enough of the cherries.065And Ellie made friends with Grant.  He was always entertaining her or making her necklaces.
068069 And my favorite.  Notice Ty’s attempt to squeeze his large little noggin through the fence posts, and the ease at which Grant and Tessa made it through….
Back at home,126The boys did a whole lot of slip n sliding.133Ace met Bronco Mendenhall at Rubios, raced to see who could fill up their drinks first, and are now best buds.219Went up the canyon to roast hot dogs and mallows with the Beeston’s.  Do you all want to see a close up of my mom chowing down on that hotdog, plus Little Lolo the creeper?  Me too…215You’re welcome.235And Happy, Little Ellie is 6 months old.  Crawling and getting into everything.  I will do a separate post all about her.

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Lindsey said...

I was beginning to think you had given up blogging. Fun summer times. And how is your little one that old already?!