Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st Grade for Easton!

**UPDATE** I, so foolishly, forgot to mention that my brother, Jesse also attended this elementary school for his 5th and 6th grade years, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I apologize profusely to Jesse that I would ever make such a ridiculous mistake.  Really.  I mean it. From the bottom of my heart.
Love ya Jess :)

I just feel like everything is going by so fast!  Getting Easton ready for 1st grade made me realize that for the last 6.5 years,  Easton has spent most of his waking hours with me.  And now he is spending that time at school…it’s weird! 
Since we are staying with my mom in Orem for the next little bit while our house is being built, Easton gets to go to the same elementary school that my sister, Lauren went to, and the same school I did some student teaching at.  I requested Mrs. Whitaker for him, who was the teacher I student taught with, and who Lauren had.  Easton didn’t seem to care much about that…he is more thrilled with the fact that he gets to take the bus everyday by himself, and have lunch at school, but it makes me happy that I know his teacher is awesome.096097098099101103I’m a bit of a worry wart, and him riding the bus by himself just freaks me out a little…I worry he’ll get off on the wrong stop, or some big kid will be mean to him, or he will be mean to a littler kid, or he gets on the wrong bus, etc. etc. etc. see, I worry.  A lot.  So on the first day, I took him to school just to show him where everything was.  When I came to pick him up from school, he was already in line to board his CORRECT bus with his friends…and told me he wanted to ride the bus home *tear*.  So he did, and loved it. 104 Cookies and milk tradition.

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Lindsey said...

Yeah for 1st grade!! I can't believe you're not driving him back and forth to lehi?!

Yeah for a new house too, congrats on finally growing up and moving out on your own. I guess you're really not coming back here then?!

And finally yeah for anniversary trips without kids!! So fun.