Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st Grade for Easton!

**UPDATE** I, so foolishly, forgot to mention that my brother, Jesse also attended this elementary school for his 5th and 6th grade years, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I apologize profusely to Jesse that I would ever make such a ridiculous mistake.  Really.  I mean it. From the bottom of my heart.
Love ya Jess :)

I just feel like everything is going by so fast!  Getting Easton ready for 1st grade made me realize that for the last 6.5 years,  Easton has spent most of his waking hours with me.  And now he is spending that time at school…it’s weird! 
Since we are staying with my mom in Orem for the next little bit while our house is being built, Easton gets to go to the same elementary school that my sister, Lauren went to, and the same school I did some student teaching at.  I requested Mrs. Whitaker for him, who was the teacher I student taught with, and who Lauren had.  Easton didn’t seem to care much about that…he is more thrilled with the fact that he gets to take the bus everyday by himself, and have lunch at school, but it makes me happy that I know his teacher is awesome.096097098099101103I’m a bit of a worry wart, and him riding the bus by himself just freaks me out a little…I worry he’ll get off on the wrong stop, or some big kid will be mean to him, or he will be mean to a littler kid, or he gets on the wrong bus, etc. etc. etc. see, I worry.  A lot.  So on the first day, I took him to school just to show him where everything was.  When I came to pick him up from school, he was already in line to board his CORRECT bus with his friends…and told me he wanted to ride the bus home *tear*.  So he did, and loved it. 104 Cookies and milk tradition.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Park City Weekend

Ace’s birthday and our 8th wedding anniversary was this last week.  And since it was the last week before Easton started school, Ace decided to take the whole week off from work.  It was a real treat having him home, and not feeling like we had to be anywhere for anything. 

016We did a lot of relaxing in our pj’s

Then, for Ace’s birthday, the boys and I made Ace a shirt designed to get the kids to scratch his back with cars…it worked marvelously.  We went to dinner, and had cake.  026028030What more could you ask for?

Oh, maybe a weekend in an awesome hotel…for free?  Sure.

My dad got us a place at the Escala Lodge in Park City.  The best.  The owner, Claudia, treats us like celebrities every time we go.  We got passes to on the gondola ride, the boys were in heaven!058049This is when we started going.  They were screaming like we were on a roller coaster050055056057Ellie just chilled in the stroller the whole ride.

We did some swimming…031It was Ellie’s first time in the pool.  She loved every bit of it….034037039Especially the splashing part.036043046

Then, Awesome Aunt Mandy and Uncle James offered to take the boys for the rest of the weekend for our anniversary.  So, we invited them up to swim, and then they took the boys home…leaving us with only one child.  I mean, piece. of. cake.068Corbin and Easton.  Best Cousins.069071

It was a fabulous weekend! Thanks dad for getting us the place, and thanks to Mandy and James for taking our crazy boys (they even took all 5 kids to church!)  That deserves a huge round of applause!

We Are All Used To This By Now…

We Moved!  Shocking, I know.

Here’s a little sum up…

My mom had an opportunity to move back into her old house in Orem.  This is where she has been wanting to live, and where she will be once we leave. 

Ace and I have decided to build a home in Lehi…Literally, the last place I thought we’d live in Utah,  (no offense Lehi people, but when I was growing up, Lehi was a little bit of a joke) but I guess is started to grow on us! 

I also didn’t think that we’d be building again.  But the builders are letting Ace do all of the exterior of the home, which will be saving us a lot of moola.  So we are building.

Problem is, they just started to dig.  They say it takes them 90 days from the time they dig to finish the house.  I am planning on 120 days, because I feel a little jinxed when it comes to things like that.  Plus, if it is shorter than 120 days, I will be pleasantly surprised.  So, because of timing, we had to move to Orem with my mom.  My poor, poor mother! 

And so, we put all of our things in storage and here we are, waiting for the day when we finally have our own house again! Here’s what they have done so far:2012_08_22_16_16_07_4302012-08-23_18-47-18_6212012-08-23_18-47-03_692Just a whole lot of dirt!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ellie at 6 Months


Ellie’s Stats:

Length: 27 inches (79%)

Weight: 15 pounds 5 ounces (50%)

This little girl is busy, busy, busy!  She has been crawling/scooting for about a month, and she is into everything in her path.  My boys took their sweet time learning to move, especially Ty who didn’t crawl until he was around 11 months.  So Ellie has shocked us all with how fast she is getting around.  She needs to slow down!  She has been getting into the trash cans, and anything else within reach that can make a mess…which is just my favorite. 015100her push-ups.

123She loves, loves her binky.  But if she has something to say, or is in the mood to stick her tongue out there is no need to take the binky out, she is a pro a scooting the binky to the side for times like that.

She loves to practice her modeling pose…194227238250235

272She has mastered the sitting postion285And loves her brothers.

138She is in the process of getting her bottom two teeth.  Notice the drool.

She is eating solid foods.  Her favorite is green beans.  She loves all of the veggies…except tolerates the peas, but so far refuses to eat the fruits.  If I manage to get some fruit in her mouth, she immediately begins to gag, gets the chills, and spits it back out.  I have never seen a child love the veggies and hate the fruit.  Funny girl.

139141She is super happy all the time.  Loves to babble, and sing.  We just love her.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Cabin Trip and Other Little Tidbits of Summer

We took a little trip up to the cabin with Raylene, Larry, Mandy, James, and their kids.  It was super fun, as always.026Hunting for animals.
Uncle James brought his mini speed boat, so we took all of the kids to the little lake to see what it could do…032028038039045Yes, Easton fell in the water right after this picture was taken…
Then, we might have snuck onto someone else’s property when we spotted this slide, and just had to try it.051052054063Tessa couldn’t get enough of the cherries.065And Ellie made friends with Grant.  He was always entertaining her or making her necklaces.
068069 And my favorite.  Notice Ty’s attempt to squeeze his large little noggin through the fence posts, and the ease at which Grant and Tessa made it through….
Back at home,126The boys did a whole lot of slip n sliding.133Ace met Bronco Mendenhall at Rubios, raced to see who could fill up their drinks first, and are now best buds.219Went up the canyon to roast hot dogs and mallows with the Beeston’s.  Do you all want to see a close up of my mom chowing down on that hotdog, plus Little Lolo the creeper?  Me too…215You’re welcome.235And Happy, Little Ellie is 6 months old.  Crawling and getting into everything.  I will do a separate post all about her.