Monday, June 29, 2009

Can You Do This?

Ty's favorite pastime...

Pulling his legs completely horizontal from his body, and then to top it off, eat his toes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Back, and with Much to Say

Well, we are all back in Vegas. Back to the hot weather, and our regular daily lives. It was quite the trip to Utah...Our family drove up last Wednesday to welcome Elder Jesse Williams home for a short "break" while he gets better. We picked him up on Thursday, and spent time with him Friday. On Saturday, we had the Roberts Annual Family Reunion down in Richfield. We left early in the morning, and spent the day there. And that's where Ace left us...he went back to Vegas because he had to work, Easton, Ty, and I drove back up with Uncle Brad to stay with Jesse for the week. Because he wasn't going to be released, and my mom has a full time job, a family member needed to be with Jesse, plus we just wanted to be with Jesse while he was home. Ace came back the next Friday, and we all spent the weekend together! There were many pictures taken, so I tried to divide them up into separate posts to keep it a little more organized, just beware of the massive amounts of pictures!
This picture was taken on the way here. I had put that pillow on the side of Easton to help him be more comfy. After about a half hour I hear Easton say, "Mommy, this hurts." I look back to see Easton's head completely kinked to the side so I told him to move the pillow up a little bit. I didn't hear from him for a bit so I looked back and saw him asleep like this...apparently this is more comfy!

And now, for the intermission of Elder Williams Mission

So, not too many people can say they celebrated a missionary's "hump day" with the missionary! Elder Williams is home for the time being, he got a bit sick, so he came home to get better and has not yet been released in the hopes of him being able to return to the mission quickly.
Just getting off the plane...
Lauren, Elder Williams, Mom

Easton & Elder Williams
the Sib's

Bonding Time with Elder Williams...

Although this is definitely not was Jesse had in mind, spending his year mark of his mission at home with his family, it has been so great to see him and see the growth he has already made while serving the people in Brazil. Coming home meant he got to meet Ty for the first time and really bond with Easton. The whole time we were there Jesse made it a point to tease Easton, and for some reason Easton would just come back for more! They had a lot of fun together, but probably the highlight of the week was when Jesse took Easton & Ty shopping for some "stylin'" clothes. Jesse has always been, as he says, "ahead of the styles" so he wanted to teach the boys a thing or two about how to look good.

He got Ty a little romper, and of course, it had a guitar on it.
And Easton some white pants with those black Vans after that, everyone said Easton was a mini Jesse.
Jesse also tried to teach Easton how to wear a towel around his waist, as you can tell, Easton was not quite ready for that step...

The family

Robert's Family Reunion 2009

Here are some pictures from this year's family reunion. It was great to see everybody, and have some fun with cousins!
Easton & Corbin... this was the best picture I got from them, and this was after saying, "Quick! look at me! I have candy in my pocket!"
Our family with Grandpa Roberts
Easton doing a little frog racing
and bonding with Grant
Mandy showing off some fabulous clogging moves!! Look at that hair :) Great job Mandy!

At the Casper's

We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with the Casper's while we were there, because I was without a car, and Jesse's Guardian, but the time that we did spend with them was a lot of fun...Grammy & Ty
This little nerf gun produced a whole lot of fun for, not just Easton, but all the boys!

Corbin &Easton having fun with Papa Larry
Here are a few videos with the Nerf Gun Fun

My Birthday Surprise

My birthday isn't until next week, but my family surprised me with a yummy ice cream cake on Sunday...
Here I am about to blow out my candle, but as you can see, Easton couldn't resist and blew out my candle TWICE, before I could do it. But don't worry we re- lite it a 3rd time so I could make a wish!
Let's all just take a gander at Ace's face in this picture...

And no one could resist trying to "sneak" a bite of the cake

Jessica has had much turmoil bonding with my children. For the longest time Easton did what ever it took to avoid her. Jessica made it her goal to bond with Easton, and we are all proud to say that they are now buddies! Her boyfriend Cory, however, has always been liked by them :)
This picture is just a glimpse of what the iPhone does to just sucks them in!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1 Missionary + 2 Moms + 4 Kids Under the Age of 3 = 1 Fantastic Day at the Zoo

Easton, Ty, and I are still here in Utah. Ace is back home in Vegas working :( we miss him! Elder Jesse Williams is doing well, and the doctors are optimistic that he will be able to go back to Brazil (or at least Portuguese speaking state side)pretty quickly. It has been fun spending time with him and really neat to see how much he has learned and grown this past year down in Brazil.

So many things have been going on, I am taking too many pictures. So I thought I would post about our trip to the zoo so that Ace can see the pictures...and so I will have less catching up to do when I get back home!

We went with my cousin Ginay and her two cute kids, Jake & Sophie. Poor Ginay pushed her sit n stand with her kids, and Easton who insisted on being on the stroller...while I just pushed little Ty around!

Since I was Jesse "companion" for the day (he hasn't been released so he has to be with a family member at all times) he was nice enough to spend the day with us at the zoo! He looks so happy...

He got Easton this hat so his blond head wouldn't get burnt
Jake & Easton

We saw lots of animals...
Elephant bones compared to Easton
That bear sat balancing on the edge of the log the entire time we were there. We could see him wobbling back and forth. I said, "I wonder why he chose that spot to sit" Jesse said, "He has probably sat in every spot there is to sit in there and decided to start challenging himself with hard spots to sit to make it exciting."


and birds that stood on one leg

The look on Easton's face in these last two pictures of sheer joy express how he felt about being at the zoo...

And I learned something new at the zoo... I found this fabulous little sign outside of the tigers cage. I loved it so much I took a picture to share with all of you...

Sorry for the plethora of pictures, but know there are many more to come!