Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Just Can't Resist A Little Hat On A Huge Baby Head!

Ty's head is a lot bigger than Easton's was. Where hats were too big for Easton, they are all too small for Ty. But still so cute!

Just Keep Swimming...

We just signed Easton up for swim lessons. Right now, I am in the water with him while he gets used to the teacher...then he will be by himself. Since the start of the lessons, here is what I have come to realize...

1. This kid could really, truly be in the water all day long...

2. All I am ever going to get at parent/teacher conferences is, "Well, he is a sweet kid, but he just doesn't EVER stop talking."

I mean it, whilst every other child would stop and listen to the teacher, my little Easton literally had constant conversation (really with himself) that went like this

"Look at me! I am a dolphin swimming in the sea (while dipping his hand up and down in a "dolphin" motion) I swim sooo fast....Look at that shark he is gonna get you! Watch out!....Look at me kick, I am a good kicker. I kick so fast. I am gonna splash you. I am gonna splash that girl. Don't help me Mommy. Did you see me jump? I jumped so high I flew in the sky. Then I crashed in the water! I am a dolphin. I can swim by myself. Here I come I am swimming in the sea! Look at all the fishys...they are swimming with me..."

There was just a continuous stream of words coming out of his mouth the whole time. It really made me laugh a little, but I know this is going to cause problems in the future...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day...just a tad late

Since Jesse gets to call the family on Mother's Day we decided to make a quick trip to Utah to talk to him. We had a lot of fun with all of our family. We took Easton to the Dinosaur Museum (see post below). I got to see my cousin, Ginay who was so kind to do a late night hair cut for me! Thanks Ginay! And of course, Elder Williams called from Brazil!

Uncle Brad, being the genius that he is, thought up a way to see what "future Ty" would look like...what do you think?!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meeting the Dinosaurs

Right now, Easton has a major fascination with dinosaurs so while in Utah we went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum with the Grandparents. Easton was in heaven!
Look at the size of that foot

Digging up a dino

Easton & Ace showing off their "watch out!" faces

A freakishly large turtle skeleton

The "bear cave from the bear hunt" as Easton described it...It took Ace a while to persuade Easton in there (the picture makes it look bright but it was quite dark)
The Grandparents who came along for the fun

And yet again, Ty just chilled in the stroller the whole time...but this is proof he was there!

A Glimse into the Future...

At the beginning of May, my cousin Jessica & boyfriend Cory, and their friends came down and stayed with us for a wedding

We wanted to see what these cute couples would look like with children in the future, so Ace and I graciously offered our children up as fill in's...

Good looking families if you ask me :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A 'Normal' Baby Brain...

The hospital gave us a CD of all the pictures they took of Ty. I thought it was cool so I posted it for all viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The MRI...

Today was quite a stressful day, but it couldn't have gone better. Ty was a trooper, and even though he was hungry he smiled and laughed the whole time. He even did good getting the IV--he just did his little whimpering cry he does, and right after it he fell asleep. It was hard to see him under sedation and hooked up to all the wires, but at the same time we felt so comforted from the many prayers and fasting in his behalf. We were in the waiting room for about an hour while they did the MRI and then they took us back to see him in the recovery room. As soon as he woke up I got to feed him and he was back to his usual self smiling and laughing again! I am so happy that everything went well and it is over with, and the best news is that his MRI came back normal, so for now, nothing to worry about. Ace calls it a "very expensive peace of mind"!
Here he is waiting for everything. As soon as they put that little tag on his foot he grabbed his foot and played with it the whole time!

After the sad

Just waking up...
Such a long an exhausting day! Thank you again to everyone for their prayers! And a special thanks to Blake & Erin for watching our other crazy child all day long!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm sure most everyone knows this by now, but I wanted to make sure. For the last month and a half or so Ty has been doing this weird flutter thing with his eyes (the official diagnosis is "downbeat nystagmus") where his eyeballs flutter up and down sometimes. We had to take him to an eye specialist who told us that it is related to the brain stem. That sometimes the brain stem isn't growing properly. He has ordered an MRI to be done on his brain tomorrow to figure out if it is a problem or not. Ty can't eat for 6 hours prior (eating is the one thing this boy will get mad about so this is going to be a problem!) because he will be getting an IV and have to be sedated for the procedure. We have had great support from all of our family and friends (even Elder Williams), and we are praying that everything goes well tomorrow, and that we can find out what is going on for little Ty. I will keep everyone posted as soon as I know anything. We are so grateful to everyone for all the prayers and love we have recieved.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How's that for finding out the hard way!

A couple of weeks ago we got our carpets cleaned, and when we moved the couch back we didn't put it as close to the wall as it had been. And of course, Easton quickly realized it. He kept running behind it and I kept telling him to that he better stop or he might get stuck. I thought he was listening to me so I left to do something when I heard him whimpering. So I came back out to find him stuck! I had just said that so that he wouldn't go back there! So of course, I ran and grabbed my camera before helping him out!

Nobody give Easton any more toy cars...

Easton has so many toys. One of his favorites is his mighty collection of cars. He has a big Lego wagon that is meant to store only his cars. So most days I see him pulling the wagon around to play with his cars. This particular day, apparently he thought it would be a great idea to line up his cars one by one on my kitchen counter. I wasn't really paying attention to this until he proudly showed me his display he created...

Now does one child really need that many toys cars?
Trying to get all of the cars in one picture was difficult enough!

Friday, May 1, 2009

How Thoughtfull...

I have been giving Easton little chores to do around like make his bed and clean his room etc... Every time he does it I give him a quarter to put in his piggy bank. This morning I was talking to him about it...

Me: When you get lots of money, you will get to go to the store and pick out a treat with your money.

Easton: I will buy a treat for Daddy.

Me: Wow, Easton that is so nice to buy a treat for Daddy with your money.

Easton: And then I will eat it for him.

Me: I bet Daddy will love that you will eat his treat for him!

Easton: Yeah, I Know.