Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ty's Favorite Toy...

Because who doesn't love to smash their face into a pokey ball?

And for another trick...watch him bend in half...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Should I Be Concerned...

That my 3 and a half year old son begs and begs for the baby food meant for his 6 month old brother

And Ty, on the other hand, is much happier with a baby food facial than actually eating it

When I first started feeding Ty baby food, Easton was so curious about it. I had the marvelous idea to let him try a bite (baby food peas, mind you), and he would never be interested again...but instead, he loved it, and when I say "loved it", I mean LOOOVVVED it. Then to correct myself I thought he would hate the carrots. Nope. Wrong again. So now he asks me what kind it is and then says, "Please Mommy, can I try Ty's yummy food, please?"

So now I am the Mean Mommy that forces all the "yummy" food on Ty who doesn't even want it, and neglects Easton with, you know, real food...
perhaps I should puree all of Easton's food.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ty 6 Months Later...

We took Ty in for his 6 month pictures this weekend, and I must say, it was the easiest photo shoot I have ever experienced! For some reason with Easton he always thought the photographer was crazy or something and would just stare at all of us making fools out of ourselves trying to get some kind of a smile out of him.

With Ty, I sat him down on the table and he just started laughing. We didn't even have to try to make him smile. It took about 60 seconds to get 12 good pictures of him. The hardest part was deciding what pictures to keep because they were all good!

Ok, go ahead and laugh at his hair...
The photographer said, "Oh, I love how you styled his hair"
I said, " That wasn't me, it is his natural style."
I tried a few different things before we got there and when it dried it popped right back into the "Mohawk Style"

We got one with Easton too-
because you can't help it when they are both in the mood!

Some things about Ty

-He weighs 15 lbs and is 28" long--every time I go to the dr. he says he is a little small and would like to see him gain more weight. (I think he is plenty big)
He is 20th percentile for weight and 95th for height
-He loves his big brother...Nobody can make him laugh like Easton does
-He loves to eat his toes
-He is much happier with a blanket over his face
-He loves to be swaddled at night
-He is happy that he can now sit up and play
-He isn't crawling just yet, but can pretty much get to where he wants to go by scooting or rolling
-He loves to pull patches of my hair out or anything else in his reach (I am still afraid to wear earrings)
-He has an amazing talent of soaking his entire outfit with spit/slobber/drool in less than 60 seconds of getting him dressed
-His head is significantly larger than Easton's was, thus many old shirts of Easton's can't quite make it over his noggin
-And if anybody didn't notice, his hair wouldn't lay down if I glued it...pretty sure it would find a way to pop back up!

I can't believe Ty is already 6 months old...It has gone by so fast! He has been such a sweet, happy baby, and we can't remember not having him here!