Saturday, February 20, 2010

538 Pictures...

That is how many pictures I took from our 6 day trip. This is after I went through and deleted all the junky ones. That is your warning. This post is huge. You can click on the collages to see them bigger if you really, really want to.
This was the first time we have taken a vacation with a purpose other than seeing family. Every time Ace has had vacation days, we go to Utah to see our family, but this time we broke away and went crazy partying it up in California.
The kids did great. I was nervous about doing so much and was prepared to take stuff off the 'to do list' due to major melt downs. But they both were so good and there were no melt downs...hooray. The bad part of the trip...Ty got an ear infection on Sunday, so we spent that day in the emergency room, because the quick care we went to wouldn't treat anyone younger than 18 months (can't wait to get that bill).

The week started at Disneyland. My Aunt Allie was nice enough to let us bombard her house for a few days because she lives about 10 minutes from Disneyland. She has a little girl, Cassidy, that is Easton's age and they had blast together.

Disneyland was so much fun. My brother asked me if we were going to Disneyland for Easton & Ty or if it was for me...maybe a little for me...I am not ashamed to admit it, I love Disneyland. I have been many times and I love it every time I go, but this time it was so fun to watch Easton get so excited to go on the rides and see his favorite Disney Characters.

Easton said he had 3 favorite rides... the Buzz Lightyear Ride, Soarin' Over California, and Jumpin' Jellyfish.

This was Ty's favorite ride "It's a Small World". He was dancing and laughing the whole time. So cute. See Ace, he did this in every picture he could. Nice right?

We saw a ton of Characters...more than I have ever seen. Easton loved it (I did too). The first one we saw was Tigger...You can see Easton's apprehension in that picture, but after that, he was giving high fives and talking to all of them.
There was one part of the Disneyland adventure that went slightly badly...Ace took Easton on the Tower of Terror. Just hear me Aunt told me that Cassidy had just done it and she did fine, so I thought that Easton would be able to do it too. Well I was sooo wrong. I waited with Ty while Easton went with Ace and when they came out Easton saw me and he just burst into tears and kept saying, "I wasn't liking that tower of terror. I wasn't liking it." I felt horrible, but I did snap a picture of the picture that they took (that's why it's such bad quality) you can't really see him very good, but you still can see the sad.This was Ty the whole trip...eating fishys with his feet propped up on the stroller. People would pass by pointing "look at that baby". There is only so many times I can smile and nod at the same comments over and over. Whether it's his hair or his feet, Ty always seems to find a way to get people to laugh at him!

Before we headed down to San Diego, we spent the day at Huntington Beach and went to Ruby's on the Pier. The shakes were super good.
That night, we had dinner at Medieval is dinner like you are back in the medieval times watching knights fight and run around like crazy people. It's pretty fun. You are divided up into colored teams and you cheer for your color knight. Ours was the Red Knight--and kicked all the other knights trash.The rest of the time we stayed down in San Diego. The first day there was Zoo Day...
Our hotel was right across the street from the Harbor. They had a bunch of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' looking ships and submarines that we could go on and look at.The ships were cool, but I had major anxiety on the submarines...small and dirty, really not my cup of tea.The last day was spent at Sea World. So fun. Easton wasn't too keen on getting wet which was a slight problem at times, considering the name of the place is Sea World, but he was completely in his element here. We got Easton a Shamu stuffed animal and Ty a dolphin. Easton calls him "Shampoo". It makes me happy every time he says it.
Best story of the whole trip happened at Sea World. We were at the dolphin area where you can pet them and watch them swim around. Easton was so excited. There was one dolphin that kept coming up to us, he let us pet him, even rolled over like a dog, and let us pet his belly...
This is Ace petting the dolphin

Here is Easton giving it a shot

Easton and me

But this dolphin was a trickster. He drew us in, made us feel like we were friends, and then he made his move. He was playing with us and then as he turned to leave completely dunked us with water. He got us all, and then he looked at us, and made a sound that was way too similar to laughter. Easton wasn't laughing.

That is the end of our adventures in Cali. It was such a fun trip. Poor Ty won't remember it, but I do have plenty of pictures to prove to him that he was there.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Easton is 4!

Friday was Easton's Birthday. The first thing he tells anyone he comes in contact with is, "It was my birthday and now I am 4."

He has been talking about his birthday for a long time and the one thing he was very particular about was his cake. He told me over and over that he wanted a green and blue dinosaur I looks more like some kind of sea monster, but he was happy.

We celebrated at Red Robin with our friends, Steve and Diana and their kiddos, Ruby and Levi. Ruby and Easton, so cute.

Red Robin sang and gave Easton his ice cream...he liked it.
This may look slightly familiar from last years birthday celebration

Then we came back for cake and ice cream.

And opened presents. Yes the booster seat is from us, the parents....don't judge me. There are only so many years where I can convince Easton what is a cool worked. And I let him pick out the one he wanted, and it just happens to be the one I hate the most. Plus, we are on our way to The Happiest Place on Earth as I write this so that makes up for the booster seat, right?!

Easton makes us laugh everyday (and also makes me crazy everyday). I can't believe he is already 4. He surprises me with how much he knows and learns. He has a ridiculous amount of energy, he doesn't stop til bedtime. But when nighttime comes he sleeps and sleeps well, definitely NOT a morning person. He loves to eat and will try anything that comes his way. One of his favorite things is Shrimp (gag). He is an awesome big brother, but he already loves to tease poor little Ty. He remembers names of everyone he meets. He loves to read. It is the one thing he will do for hours without being crazy.

Happy Birthday Easton!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moment of Silence, Please...

This could very possibly be the first picture ever taken of both my children looking and slightly smiling at the camera AT THE SAME TIME.
Miraculous really.

Of course, it didn't last long...