Monday, September 28, 2009

The Sounds of Nature...

Yesterday, Easton was playing with something like this on Ty's bed...

You know, the thing that plays different sounds to "soothe" baby. This is what Easton had to say about each sound...

Birds chirping: "Hey Mommy! These birds are singing!"

Heart Beat Noise: "Ohhh, listen it is dogs barking!"

River/Stream: "Mommy! Mommy! Now the dogs are peeing!"

Hmmm, nothing soothes a baby like the sound of dogs relieving themselves :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Trip to the Circus...

On Saturday we went to the circus. Easton was in his personal paradise for 2 hours and Ty was just amazed by all of the lights. We saw a guy get shot out of a cannon, elephants do crazy stuff that an animal that big shouldn't be able to do, a magic show, and a lot people dangling in the air. Easton and Ace got to ride an elephant and between the two of them I am not sure who enjoyed it more :) It was a fun time!

I took a lot of pictures, so to make it easier for myself (and others who would prefer not to scroll through a 100 pictures) I made them all into 1 picture...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Starting Now, My Life Will Never Be The Same

Ty hasn't really been into the whole crawling thing (unlike Easton who was crusin' around by 5 months). Ty has been content to roll his way around and get what he wants. I have also been okay with him taking his time, because I know what lies ahead...I have enjoyed being able to lay him down somewhere and him still being there when I get back, or not having to worry about what he is getting into. But that has all come to an end he is on the move and there is no stopping him!

Don't get me wrong, I am excited about all of the little milestones he is hitting, just a little apprehensive is all because this changes everything! :)


Me and Ty made a trip by ourselves this time...Easton stayed with Ace here in Vegas for some father-son bonding time. It was weird not having Easton with me, I haven't been away from him for that long ever, but the boys had fun together. Easton probably had more junk food this past weekend than he has had in is lifetime :)

I went up for the annual "Sister's Retreat" where all of the married sisters, and girl cousins get together up in Midway...away from it all...
Just doing a little arts and crafts...

Jessica and I at the Midway festivities
The two babes who came along...little Charlie and Ty

We obviously couldn't bare to leave it ALL behind...

A 'quick' family shot that took about six shots to get
everyone to look at the camera (Ty)
We did a lot of shopping tuckered little Ty out, but he got comfy

Ty and I flew back to vegas
Ty's first airplane ride...very thrilling
He did wake up at the very end and was as happy as a clam!

So it was a super fun trip, but I am glad to be back with my other 2 boys and I am thinking I can unpack my bags for a little while, so I am happy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guess Where We Were This Weekend...

Umm Yeah, UTAH, because that's where we go EVERY weekend...and just so I can keep the excitment going, (and to hype everyone up for my next post) I will be in UTAH again NEXT weekend as well. So prepare yourself for a good fill of UTAH every time you come to my blog :) I am pretty certain my life would be so much easier if I could just live in UTAH!

If only the drive from Vegas to Utah could be omitted from my mind... we actually love being in Utah with all of our friends and family, and it always seems to go by way too fast!

Our main reason for going was for the baby blessing of this little guy...

But we stopped by and visited with my family too...

At the blessing we saw our friends Bryan and Brianne and Easton had so much fun playing with their kids, Mayley and Hunter. Even though Easton's hand is in his mouth in this next picture it was quite miraculous in the fact that they were running around all over the place and I just said, " Hey kids, turn around and smile for me!" They proceeded to line up next to each other and smile...What?!
Hunter, Easton, Mayley

Then Easton and Hunter did it for me again...they were having so much fun together they couldn't keep the happiness in!

Ty on the other hand, couldn't keep his feet out of his mouth for a picture with his new little cousin...look at the size difference in just 6 months...