Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Utah Weekend

This last weekend, my brother, Jesse and his friends, Steven and Nate sang in "Guitars Unplugged" at BYU. So we made the trek for a quick weekend with the family.
We stopped by the Casper's first.

Easton got to have real snowball fights.
(ever since Christmas, he has been throwing pretend snowballs constantly...
if you walk into our house on any given day, chances are we are in the middle of a very intense "snowball fight")

Of course, some tears were shed when he realized real snowballs are cold.

That didn't stop him for long, though.

Ty had his first swing ride with Papa Larry...
He liked it.

We had some good food
And a little family time.

Then we were off to the main event. Guitars Unplugged was real good. I may be a little biased, but I am pretty positive that these three boys stole the show...
Nate, Jesse, and Steven

It was quite the family gathering.
(Jessica, I must say you are quite the spectacle)

Ty, Grandma Leelee, and Mimi

Papa Cory and Easton

Me, Steven, Jessica

Easton & Jesse

Jason, Emily, and Jessica

Sunday was full of good food and family time
Jessica in an attempt to bond with Easton...
Easton even said, "Jessica, we are best buddies today."
Nice work.

Here is Grandma Leelee getting her Vitamin D for the day.

A super fun trip that went way too fast. But on the bright side, there was no car sickness or vomiting in the car going or coming. So hooray for that.

Here is the video of the boys playing that I may or may not have illegally captured...

Awesome job guys!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If All the Raindrops Were Lemondrops and Gumdrops....

A couple weeks ago, it was raining, and Easton was determined to catch the raindrops in his mouth. Things were going smoothly for a few seconds...

Until the rain pummeled him in the eye...

Never fear, he found a solution...

And all was well.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Whoever thought saying "Cheese" while taking a picture was a good idea never saw this face...

Ty just started saying the word 'cheese'. He says it every time he sees the camera.
(I don't know where he learned it because I don't say it when we take pictures)

I did get one semi-decent picture...

Minus the food in the mouth, on the face, and shirt part.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Real Great Weekends

Two weekends ago my mom (Grandma Leelee) came to town for a convention for work. She didn't have a whole lot of free time because she was stuck in classes all day long, but we came to see her at her hotel and had a good time just hanging out...
We went to the cheesecake factory...Yum is all that needs to be said

Bonding time with Ty

Bad picture, but funny story...
My mom's hotel was huge and the hallway back to her room was approximately 16 miles long (slight exaggeration, but it was really long) and every time we went somewhere Easton wanted Grandma Leelee to run down the hallway with him. And Grandma Leelee, being the nice grandma that she is, can never say no to the boy. So they ran. Every time. I walked.

We love Grandma Leelee!

This last weekend, Ace had free tickets to NASCAR. He invited our friends Patrick and Brayden to go with him because, let's face it, I would much rather be shopping at Target than sitting in the cold rain watching cars go around in circles.

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but generally speaking, I am the picture taker. But, I wasn't going to be there to fulfill that responsibility. So I told Ace he was required to take pictures, and NOT just of the cars, I wanted people shots. He wasn't to thrilled about this, but look at the spectacular job he did! Good job Ace!

They saw some cars...

Can you see Easton's ear muffs? Look close.

Patrick and Brayden

Cheering the cars on

And I was told, Easton really liked the popcorn...

It was cold and rainy, but Easton loved it.
And Ty and I enjoyed our day at Target, sharing a Slurpee.