Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dinosaurs Don't Like Shrimp

Easton and I had this conversation this morning during breakfast:

Easton: "Mommy, Dinosaurs like to eat meat."
Me: "Yeah some of them did."
Easton: "They even like people meat."
Me: "Yeah they probably would eat people."
Easton: "They would even eat you because you are meat."
Me: "Well, I guess so.  But I hope I don't ever get eaten by a dinosaur.  What about you?"
Easton: "Oh no.  They won't eat me, because I taste like shrimp, and Dinosaurs don't like the taste of shrimp."

So, in case you ever come across a meat eating dinosaur, make sure you taste like shrimp...you'll be fine.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Move, and Playing Catch Up

The move happened.  It was insane and exhausting.  Ty hasn't been sick all winter long, but apparently thought this was a good weekend to get an ear infection (his second one in his life by the way) and RSV. Yep. 
But we had a whole lot of help, and it is done. Yay.  
 Jesse and the friends after a long, long day.

(I didn't get a picture of Ace's family, but they were all a huge help.  Larry got us the truck, and Uncle Stan let us use his trailer.  Raylene spent hours cleaning the new house.  Larry, Ryan, Brad, and Stan all loaded and unloaded and loaded and unloaded all of our dang stuff.  They were all just awesome.  Thanks everyone)

And a very special thank you to my cousin, Ginay, who watching Easton for me all stinkin' day...which, I guarantee saved my life.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Here is a picture of the new place...who loves the blue accents??

Below, I've posted just a bunch of stuff that has happened over the last month or so that I never got a chance to post about.  I apologize for blog overload.

Saying Goodbye to our Long Lost Friends

We met Oscar and Silvia and their adorable little girl, Fabiola while we were going to school at BYU-Idaho.  They had just moved there from Costa Rica...which is where Ace went on his mission, so there was an instant friendship.  I spent a lot of my time eating Silvia's awesome food while everyone else sat around talking in Spanish.  We had a whole lot of fun together, but we all eventually left Rexburg, and it was hard to stay in touch.  

It has been years since we've gotten together, but we were able to have dinner with them and some other mutual friends and it was great.  Other than the fact that it was a farewell dinner because they are moving back to Costa Rica.  Just Lame.

It was so good to see them and their other two kids they have added to their family since we last saw them.  We are going to miss you guys....Again!
(That's little Fabi in the middle...she was around 2 when we met them...crazy)

In the Mountains of Idaho

A few weekends ago, we headed up to Mandy and James cabin in Idaho for some quality family time.
It was beautiful, and there was snow.
Lots. Of. Snow.
(that's the roof of the cabin they are climbing up)
There was a separate part of the cabin that we weren't using, so the kids used it as their secret play space whenever they weren't in the snow.

It was a great, relaxing getaway. 
Thanks Mandy and James for the invite.

We are now official cake decorators

Me and my cousins, Jessica and Emily, signed up for a cake decorating class at BYU because well, why not.  And we pretty much rocked it.  It was a month long class and we mostly learned different kinds of decorative flowers to make....although our lily's may have looked more like octopus legs creeping out of the deep sea, it was a whole lot of fun, and we all passed with flying colors.

The Gale Center with the Cousins & A visit with Grandpa Roberts

Aunt Mandy and her kids came into town for the weekend, so we got the cousins together at the Gale Center in South Jordan. 
It had a Tee-Pee with a drum,

A pretend house and food

The kids all had fun, and the best part was it was all free.  
Can't beat that.

Ace's Grandpa Roberts came up from Richfield for a little visit....this was the very first time I have seen him leave Richfield, so of course we had to stop by and see him