Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Move, and Playing Catch Up

The move happened.  It was insane and exhausting.  Ty hasn't been sick all winter long, but apparently thought this was a good weekend to get an ear infection (his second one in his life by the way) and RSV. Yep. 
But we had a whole lot of help, and it is done. Yay.  
 Jesse and the friends after a long, long day.

(I didn't get a picture of Ace's family, but they were all a huge help.  Larry got us the truck, and Uncle Stan let us use his trailer.  Raylene spent hours cleaning the new house.  Larry, Ryan, Brad, and Stan all loaded and unloaded and loaded and unloaded all of our dang stuff.  They were all just awesome.  Thanks everyone)

And a very special thank you to my cousin, Ginay, who watching Easton for me all stinkin' day...which, I guarantee saved my life.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Here is a picture of the new place...who loves the blue accents??

Below, I've posted just a bunch of stuff that has happened over the last month or so that I never got a chance to post about.  I apologize for blog overload.


Lindsey said...

I think the blue is kind of fun- looks like a cute place with a fun porch and yard. Glad it is over with for ya. Yuck. Hopefully you can stay a little while.

Kati said...

That house is so cute! I especially love the big front yard, it makes me really miss Utah.

Meesh said...

I Love it. I hope you will find all the happiness you so deserve there. We miss you.