Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dinosaurs Don't Like Shrimp

Easton and I had this conversation this morning during breakfast:

Easton: "Mommy, Dinosaurs like to eat meat."
Me: "Yeah some of them did."
Easton: "They even like people meat."
Me: "Yeah they probably would eat people."
Easton: "They would even eat you because you are meat."
Me: "Well, I guess so.  But I hope I don't ever get eaten by a dinosaur.  What about you?"
Easton: "Oh no.  They won't eat me, because I taste like shrimp, and Dinosaurs don't like the taste of shrimp."

So, in case you ever come across a meat eating dinosaur, make sure you taste like shrimp...you'll be fine.

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