Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Hotwheels Party

 ---We've been in the midst of  "Birthday Season" and busy busy, so I finally had a chance to blog about all the festivities...four posts later.  (To see Ty's birthday post you have to click 'older posts')---

This is the second time that we’ve moved to a new place right before their birthdays.  So we only had a couple friends from the neighborhood, but luckily we have a slew of cousins who saved the day.218The birthday boys!
First, the Cakes and D├ęcor…219224220223226227231228229230
We started out painting racecars…235237238240241I made this “Pin the Wheel on the Hotwheel” game.  The kids loved it.  Easton and Ty still ask to play with it.207278Only problem was that I forgot about a blindfold…luckily shoving a hat over their faces works just as well.
We had some straw blowing races…249251There was some cheating.254But it was still well received.260I just love this picture of Carson.  He was so excited to tell me he made it to the finish line, but also didn’t want to stop chewing his licorice (who wouldn’t).  Ha it makes me so happy.
Present opening… 263269
Singing Happy Birthday…Twice. And Cake and Ice cream273274
The birthday gang…Minus Carson and Jack because I’m an idiot and forgot to take the picture when everyone was there.283289
Welp, I’m officially all partied out.
Until Next Year!

Easton is 7!

5245_52-2I have a 7 year old.  I just have to keep repeating that to myself.
For Easton’s real birthday day.  He got to go to dinner with mom and dad this time.  He chose The Cheesecake Factory (I think he thought it was going to be all cheesecake)190194 Side Note: I have to say, how fantastic it is to just take one kid to dinner…so nice.
Easton at 7:
Favorite Color: changes everyday, Today is Red & Black
Favorite Animal: Leopards and Cheetahs
Favorite Food: Shrimp & Cheese
Favorite Toy: Soccer Ball & Goal
Favorite Song: Follow the Prophet
Easton still loves to play soccer.  It’s basically all he talks about.
He loves to find ways to pester Ty, and has started teasing and joking. Like, for instance telling Ty he will die if he wears his shoes without socks…
He loves Ellie!  He is the one that can make her laugh the hardest.  He always makes her happy.  He loves to take care of her.  He is always trying to feed her little pieces of food to make sure she doesn’t choke.  And smothers her with hugs and kisses.  (Someday, I’m sure this won’t be the case)
He is an excellent speller, and his teacher says he has the best handwriting in the class.  He is learning to tell time and reading really well.  He is so good at math, and soon I’m afraid, he is going to be better at it than me!
He’s lost 4 teeth.  The last one he lost in church while reading the scripture during Primary…that was a treat.5245_475245_535245_615245_64
Happy Birthday Eastie Beastie Boy!

Ellie is 1!

Next up… Ellie!5245_336-2
How did this happen?  I mean, seriously it went by so fast!
For Ellie’s party we had a big family gathering.  We ended up having over 40 people in our house!  I didn’t get to take very many pictures, but it was tons of fun, and Ellie got spoiled rotten.  We officially have a good collection of girl toys in our home!117127128132137
She was pretty timid about the cake at first…but once I cut it open for her there was no stopping her138149153156
Ellie at 1
Ellie has a personality all her own.  She is sweet and happy and loves attention, but make her mad at your own risk.  She will turn on you!
One day, I was packing our stuff for a last minute trip to Park City, and she wanted me to hold her.  I couldn’t hold her, so she followed me around screaming at me.  When Ace got home, he picked her up and made her happy.  Once I was done packing, I went to take her from Ace, and she snubbed me!  She glared at me, then refused to come to me…for days!  This girl knows how to hold a grudge!
She can go up and down the stairs all by herself, but it still terrifies me
She started walking 2 weeks before her 1st birthday and hasn’t slowed down since.  She’s even tries copy her brothers when they start jumping up and down.101We got her to walk for the remote.
She is a great eater.  The only food she has refused to eat so far is eggs…oohh she hates them.
She loves to dance! She will start dancing to any kind of music…even me singing around the house! She will dance and sing during the hymns at church too.
She can say “Mama” “Dada” “Yeah” “Hi” and always says “Mmmmm” when she tastes something yummy
After her naps, she requires a 5-10 minute cuddle time (Not that I mind).  If I try to put her down to play right when she wakes up, she looses it.  So we just sit on the couch together until she sees something that catches her interest…then she’s off!
She loves, loves, loves purses.  Particularly mine. It’s like she can sense where it is, puts the strap around her neck, and pulls everything out……  If you come to my house with any kind of bag…watch out.
My awesome sister in law, Sami, took the kids birthday pictures, and even though Ellie was being a little crazy, maniac child…she still managed to get some adorable pictures of her…5245_77-25245_2475245_248-25245_3705245_418-2
We love our Ellie Bo Bellie!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!