Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ty is 4!

5245_32-2Ty’s birthday was the start to our “Birthday Season”.  This year, the boys both said they wanted a Hotwheels party, so I convinced them to have a combo party to save me from having to through 2 hotwheels parties within a month of each other.  053
So on Ty’s real birthday, we left Easton and Ellie with Grandma Leelee and took Ty out on the town!  He chose the Spaghetti Factory for his special dinner.062
He also graduated from nursery, and moved on up to Sunbeams.  I thought he would be hesitant about going, but he has loved every second of it.066068
Ty at age 4—Fun facts in his own words
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite animal: Hyenas (Yep.)
Favorite food: Apples, Soup, and Bread
Favorite toy: “My BBQ Waffle Maker” (His toy BBQ grill)
Favorite thing to do: Coloring
Favorite song: “The wise man song”
Quote from Ty: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a Wise Man and have a microphone so I can sing loud and everyone can hear me.”
Ty is still my “cuddle bug” He loves being next to people.  If you are sitting next to him and scoot away, he will scoot right along with you.
He’s always been quiet and shy, but he has just recently started opening up more and talking to other kids.  He loves playing with his cousins.163
Ty is generally pretty mellow.  He is always content running errands with me or whatever else needs to be done. 
The one thing that really pushes his buttons would be his older brother.  Easton has a way of causing Ty’s inner rage to let loose.  But on the other hand, there is no one he enjoys playing with more than Easton.5245_162This picture pretty much sums up the difference in their personalities!
He loves his little sister.  He is so sweet to her, and is always trying to make her happy by giving her new things to play with.
He is very proud of himself for learning how to write his namephoto
My all time very favorite picture of Ty is this one…073But this new one is right up there with it…5245_42It’s just Ty.
Happy Birthday Ty!

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