Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a real great Christmas this year…minus the fact that all five of us were so stinking sick the whole Christmas break.  Literally.  It all started the last day of Easton’s school.  By the end of the day, both Easton and I were down for the count.  Easton had a fever and runny nose, and I had the worst sore throat of my life plus fever, chills etc.  It hit Ty the next day, and Ellie was right after him.  Poor Ace was last, but he still had to go to work (and finish the playroom for Christmas).  Yikes.  We were pretty helpless.

We are all on mend now…except for Ty.  He got an ear infection right after getting better from the last thing.  He’s on meds now.  One other problem though, the Dr. prescribed some ear drops to numb the pain, but after I used them, Ty hasn’t been able to hear well…. like, I have to yell…loud…in his face for him to hear me.  Aaaannnnd, it’s been five days, he still can’t hear me.  I called the doc, he says its normal and could last for a few weeks… What?!

So that’s great news.

So anyway, on to bigger and better things…

Leading up to Christmas.009Easton lost his two front teeth on the same day.  Couldn’t have been better timing I don’t think.  (although he didn’t necessarily love it when I sang “All I want for Christmas…” every time I saw him)  001Ellie is mastering standing on her own.  Her favorite time to practice is when I’m trying to do her hair.

We constructed a Home Depot Gingerbread house….027030033There’s really nothing like pre-made orange frosting.

And then, of course, we headed to the Forgotten Carols.  This was supposed to be a great year, because it was Easton’s first time coming with us…Oh yeah then we got sick.  Easton started feeling bad right before the show.037The poor boy.  Felt bad the whole time. He mostly slept on Ace’s lap, except for when he couldn’t handle not watching the play, he’d sit up for a few minutes until he felt bad enough he had to lay back down.  So sad.  Then, as soon as we got home was about when I started feeling sick. And it was all downhill from there.

Then we had about four days to finish the bonus room.  And when I say we, I mean Ace and his brothers.  I was pretty worthless the whole time.  We got the carpet in the week before Christmas.  Then had two days to paint and bring all the furniture and toys in.038040041Carpet in. Mid painting.

The night before Christmas eve we brought everything in.  We had awesome help from Brad, Lauren, Jesse and Sami who came over late that night after the kids were in bed.  Oh man Thank you guys!  We finished at around 2:30 in the morning.  Whew! We made it!043044047048The little secret kid room all wrapped up for another surprise.

It looks a little boring right now, but I have big plans for this room…just no time before Christmas!

051Christmas Eve we had dinner with my family and had a big slew of presents for everyone. 

By this time, Ellie was pretty stinking miserable.  She got what I had.  Fever and Sore throat.  She lost her voice, and just made the saddest sounds ever.090057We reenacted the nativity story…060069089111Uncle Jesse tried on a Trundle Bundle…Looking great Jesse208This picture was our Christmas miracle.  Everyone is looking great and smiling… (I’m giving Ellie props for just looking at the camera)

When we came home, Santa had already been to our house!115121Santa brought Ellie binkies!137Easton got a bow and arrow…yikes139Ty got a little crossbow…yikes. yikes.142This was the first toy she attempted to play with all night.

And then it was off to surprise them with the playroom…148they were pretty thrilled.149We just sat up here late into the night playing with all the toys.  They loved it.

Ace took the pictures on his phone… I’ll have to post them later.

Christmas morning, we went to the Casper’s for breakfast and more presents!152154156157

Christmas was quite an adventure this year!  Thankfully, we are starting to feel better!  Seriously, thank you everyone who helped us get that room finished in time!  We couldn’t have done it without all your help! For real. Thanks!

And our Christmas card this year for all who I don’t have an address for…

Merry Christmas!207

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