Friday, November 30, 2007

The First Fat Lip...

Well, another injury to the face for Easton! He was doing his nightly ritual of running around in circles, tripped and fell into the corner of our coffee table...He was bleeding so bad at first we couldn't even see the cut. We figured it was bad so I was getting everything together to take him the the ER (Easton has a lovely way of getting sick or hurt at night so we have to drive further to get to a doctor). A few minutes later Easton had forgotten the whole thing and he had stopped bleeding so we were able to look at the cut. He had a cut inside his mouth and outside. The outside cut is a lot smaller than the inside. We called the doctor and they said there wasn't much they would do for the inside of his mouth at his age... by this time Easton was running around laughing and playing again so we figured he was going to be okay! on this picture to see more of his injury!!

The funniest part is that exactly one year ago he got his 'dent' in his forehead...


Our Little Drummer Boy!

Easton has this cute little toy drum that he LOVES- he is always playing with it! Although recently he has discovered a new way to play...

Little Drummer Boy!
I don't think I need to say much...only problem with this is that he does it over and over again but he can't get out by himself so he sits in it -- realizes he is stuck--cries--I pull him out--then he sits in it again--it's a really great cycle!

Thanksgiving with Easton! 2007

We had a really great Thanksgiving! Best of all we didn't have to travel--we forced everyone to come to us!! We had a full house, but it was a lot of fun! Instead of cooking, we went to a buffet...and, well I think Easton out ate all of us!!

You can click on this picture for more!!

Eating on Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Just thought I would post the triumphant victory of the BYU Cougars today! It was a pretty intense game but all ended well!

BYU- 17

UTAH- 10


Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Ruby!

This past weekend we went to our neighbors little girls 1st birthday party! It was a lot of fun! We still can't believe that "Baby Ruby" is already 1!! We have watched her grow up all year long and Easton just loves her!! Here are some highlights of the party!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween! 2007

Halloween was a lot of fun! First, we took Easton to our library for a little carnival, it was meant for children just a bit older than Easton, but we did get some cute pictures as Charlie Brown and Lucy! Then we just took Easton down our street trick or treating--he caught on really quick--he would say "tra-tree" and then "tank-too" he loved it!
Can you tell us apart from the real thing!!
Click on this picture for all of our Halloween pictures!!