Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We got this little pool for Easton and he loves it! When I took these pictures the water was still really cold, but they didn't care--in fact, their lips were blue and shaking so I made them come in and they both threw a fit because they wanted to stay in the water--crazy boys!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad Hair Day...?

Ok, anyone that knows Easton knows that since the day he was born his hair has NEVER laid flat! So normally we keep his hair buzzed. Although, a while ago we were a bit curious to see how long his hair would get before laying flat, so we let it grow out. The only time it laid flat was right after he had a bath! And yesterday I just couldn't take it anymore!! So I told Ace it was hopeless to wait for this crazy hair with FOUR calicks to lay flat...well, anyway let's just let the pictures speak for themselves...

Here he is before...

At this point, I am thinking (and saying out loud) "This is way too short!!" But, just a bit too late!

And the final result...

a BALD child!
(well not really, but his hair is so blonde that it looks that way!)
I should also mention that this was Ace's doing...after it was done he said, "well you wanted it short!"

Easton can't stop looking in the mirror, and this morning while brushing his teeth he said,
"My hair, it's gone!"

How sad...

My Artistic Ability...

Easton has a little Doodle Pro board that sticks on our fridge, and sometimes I draw pictures for him and he likes to guess what they are. The other day I was on the phone, and started doodling on it--this is what I drew:

When Easton saw it, he got very excited and exclaimed "Grandma Leelee!!" So, what do you think?? Am I the next da Vinci...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Last Day of Preschool!

Well, it was a little it always is...I really enjoy teaching and it has been such a great experience running a preschool on my own, but on the other hand, I am really excited about the spare time I am going to have! These kids were so fun, and I learned a TON about doing a preschool by myself! Thanks to all of the parents (and kids) for making it such a fun year!!

Our last day was really fun! We had a parade! (Up at school I heard about another class doing a parade for their kids and it sounded so fun, but I never got a chance to actually see a lesson plan or see anybody do a parade day and I thought it would be a fun way to end the year!) The week before was spent preparing for our parade. Since this was their last "project" I let them decide everything-from what instruments to make to how to make/decorate our floats. Then on the day of the parade we invited the parents to come to the park near my house and watch the parade and then have a picnic! All of the kids looked so cute in their costumes pulling the floats! It was a fun way to end the year!

Here they are marching (I couldn't get the best picture because I was behind them, but you get the idea!)
even Easton got in on the action!