Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Easton had his first field trip this week.  His class was combined with the other three classes Mrs. Aubrey teaches...a lot of kids, but everyone had fun...
The big blow up slide.  This was Easton's favorite part of the day.  He wouldn't get off the slide.  I had to convince him that there were other things to do.
The spin-twisty ride that looks like it was built in 1857, was another favorite.
The petting seems to me that Easton was interested in other things...

A panorama of the whole gang

A group giving their best smiles


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Summer Leftovers

Fall is here.  We've even had rain the last couple days...incredible really.  I used to really love Summer--school was out, warm weather, swimming...there was nothing better.  But since living in Vegas, my perspective of the seasons has changed.  I dread that first 100 degree day of Summer knowing that it only gets worse from there, and I have gained a great appreciation for Fall--the colors, the cute decorations, and the super fantastic weather.  I love Fall.  But before Fall totally takes over, I never posted some of our Summer swimming pictures...

Easton also finished up his swimming lessons.  He can now swim nearly one length of the pool by himself, dive for diving sticks on the shallow end, float on his back, and dive/belly flop through a hula hoop...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Week of Friends

We drove back Sunday, and Courtney, her daughter Taylee, and Dawn, some of my best friends from college flew in for the week to just visit and see the sights.  In college, it was the four of us, Courtney, Dawn, James, and I.  We banded together and helped each other create some pretty spectacular lesson plans! There were so many late nights setting up, and creating lesson plans until the late night campus security guard would come kick us out.  We made so many great memories, and have stayed in touch ever since.  Poor James didn't come on this trip...just for the girls.  Sorry James :)

Easton & Taylee in their capes and swords...this is pretty much what they did all week.
They tried didn't last long, just a bit too cold.
Just chilling watching a movie
We were trying to get innocent little Dawn to try out a Slot Machine, but apparently all three of us are too innocent because we couldn't figure out how to even work the thing.
But alas, Dawn lost her innocence eventually...Half Naked Gladiator Man walking around the streets picking girls up for tips...only in Vegas.
Belagio Fountains are the best.

Dawn's very first pedicure. Yes!
We went to The Lion King. Awesome.
Ace was so super great and became the designated babysitter for us while we went out on the town, then he suffered through watching Glee and Chick Flicks with us.  Poor guy.  Ace is the best. 
Such a fun week!  It was so great to see you girls!

A Week in Utah

Two weeks ago Ace had a couple of interviews in Utah, so since we had nothing holding us back, we went up for the week, and spent time with the family and watched conference.
Many Rides on the swing
Good food.

Carson & Ty
Tons of water fights

Easton still says he won...
Grandma Leelee & the boys
Uncle Jesse serenading us
We all thought Ty was just being grumpy here...until after the picture when Jesse noticed his watch snap thing had been pinching poor little Ty's tummy.  So sad.
Aunt Lolo showing us her cheer skills...that football player looks a little distracted from the game.
Okay, this is the Lehi Pioneers Mascot.  Pretty much the creepiest thing I have ever seen.  (no offense to all you Lehionites out there, but seriously... creepy.

Shakes at the Purple Turtle. Delish.

Chad working hard in the yard...never saw that bird coming and became the bird's bathroom.

 Another fun trip to Utah.  It was nice to have a little more time with everyone.