Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Week in Utah

Two weeks ago Ace had a couple of interviews in Utah, so since we had nothing holding us back, we went up for the week, and spent time with the family and watched conference.
Many Rides on the swing
Good food.

Carson & Ty
Tons of water fights

Easton still says he won...
Grandma Leelee & the boys
Uncle Jesse serenading us
We all thought Ty was just being grumpy here...until after the picture when Jesse noticed his watch snap thing had been pinching poor little Ty's tummy.  So sad.
Aunt Lolo showing us her cheer skills...that football player looks a little distracted from the game.
Okay, this is the Lehi Pioneers Mascot.  Pretty much the creepiest thing I have ever seen.  (no offense to all you Lehionites out there, but seriously... creepy.

Shakes at the Purple Turtle. Delish.

Chad working hard in the yard...never saw that bird coming and became the bird's bathroom.

 Another fun trip to Utah.  It was nice to have a little more time with everyone.   

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Unguren said...

How did the interviews go? Are you going to be joining us in Utah one day?