Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Long Time Coming

Crazy week last week.  First of all, Ty got the tubes out of his eyes...Finally!  His eyes kept getting all goopy so we've had to postpone the surgery 3 different times.
The surgery was going to be a fast one, so we made it a family affair.  Woke up at 5:00 in the am (even though his surgery wasn't scheduled til 8... does this annoy anyone else?) and traipsed around the hospital in our PJs.
Ty got all dressed up in the purple gown, once again.
Including the ever-in-fashion duck feet socks.
Super fascinated with all the techno gadgets
Ty got the playroom all to himself

The surgery went good.  So fast, there was no need for an IV this time.  They just used gas to put him to sleep, so he woke up a lot faster and acted like nothing had happened.  
The Dr did say there was a lot of goopy stuff (I know, nasty) still in his right eye.  That means that we have a 50/50 shot at the tear duct getting clogged again...if it does clog again we get to put larger tubes in.  yessss.  So far, his eyes are looking good.  I don't want to jinx anything though so we'll just wait and see.

One little thing about this whole ordeal is that Ty has gotten so used to eye drops.  He has had them pretty much his whole life.  Now he reminds me to put them in his eyes every morning and night.  He gets so excited about his eye drops.  He unscrews the lid and holds it for me, then just laughs and laughs while I put the drops in...who does that? So funny.

Next little tidbit from the week, Ace got laid off from his job on Wednesday.  Which is really a bitter-sweet thing.  He hated the company he was working for...the people were not nice, he was working awful hours, and the jobs weren't really what he was wanting to do.  But then, it did give us an income, so... that's where the bitter comes in.  

Really, we feel incredibly blessed that he was able to have a job for so long.  We have known for a long while that it was only a matter of time before it happened so we've prepared for it the best we can....that's why being in this home is so good, we have no lease agreement and a rent payment we can pay.  We are in a sort of limbo right now...not really knowing what is next, but that's the fun of Life...right!?

So, anyone want to hire an awesome, hard working, totally cool guy?  Just let us know :)


Lindsey said...

Man, Emery never got duck socks, I feel really jipped!! Hope you guys don't have to live in limbo for too long, I know that has to be stressful.

Unguren said...

You would figure that they would have a more gender friendly color for pj's.

Hopefully you guys don't go without a job for too long. That would stress me out!