Monday, July 30, 2007

Easton's Tupperware Party!

Recently, Easton has been OBSESSED with my Tupperware! No matter what I do, if I leave the room he goes straight for the Tupperware, and he now realized that he can fit inside the cupboard!!!

Happy Pioneer Day!

Here in Las Vegas the church makes a big production out of Pioneer Day! Our stake put on a two day carnavel/fair type of thing with a live band, talents, booths, and best of all Fireworks! It was very hot (even hotter for Ace because he signed up to flip burgers for part of the night and had to stand by a giant grill the whole time!), but a lot of fun! Easton of course was fasinated by the fireworks! Blake, Erin, and Aiden were there as well so we hung out with them! Click on this picture for more!

Here we are watching the fireworks!


Easton enjoying some yummy icecream!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Penny's Makeover

Dinosaur Park!

Easton and I got to go to a fun park near our house the other day! It has a playground, huge sandboxes, ducks, and a water area! You may be able to guess which part was Easton's favorite!


This is him playing in the water and with the ducks...the duck video makes me laugh because I thought Easton would love to feed the ducks or that he might get scared of them, but neither of these were the case. He gave absolutely no reaction whatsoever!!!

Dinosaur Park Feeding the Ducks

Pictures Taken On July 10, 2007

Pucker Up!

Easton has been giving kisses for a long time now, but they have always been him leaning into you with his mouth wide open! He just recently started puckering... it's so funny! It seems as though he went from one extreme to the other--he completely exaggerates it!

What happens when Dad gets me ready for bed...

The other day Ace got Easton ready for bed...he did a good job didn't he!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Penny's New Bed

Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy 4th of July! 07

We really didn't do much for the 4th of July because it is so stinkin hot here and of course it was the hottest day of the year (117 degrees if anyone wants to know) so it just wasn't worth doing much! But we had our friends Blake and Erin and their baby Aiden over for a bbq and some small fireworks! It was pretty fun!

Easton holding his first firework!

The men being tough and manly holding some sparklers!! :)

Easton LOVED ALL the fireworks! Espesicially the sparklers!


How cute is this!!!

Our friends Blake and Erin and the boys!!

These last two pictures are really cute, but brings some sad memories for poor little Aiden! Aiden was very nervous about the fireworks in the first place, but as I was taking this picture a piece of the sparkler fell into Aiden's shoe (through one of the holes) and burned pretty badly because we couldn't get his shoe off! It was so sad...we think he may be tramitized for life with fireworks! Plus look at his scowl-he knows whats coming!!

And here's the grand finale...........!

Easton & Aiden goofing around

We LOVE each other!!!

I know this looks like a lame picture, but there is a funny story that goes with it! My camera has a little red light that goes on when I am getting ready to take a picture, and as I was taking this picture the light came on and was on the wall. Right as I took the picture they both turned around and started pointing at the light! It would have been a really cute picture--they were both smiling and happy--but still it was pretty funny!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Easton & his Binky...

Easton has a serious addiction to his binky!! We now have a rule that when naptime or bedtime is over, we say 'nigh-night bink' and he throws his binky into his crib. This has worked very well for a while now...until he figured out that he could go back in him room, reach through the bars of his crib, and get his binky! So I thought I would be tricky and make sure that his binky is at the back of his crib, and thought this would keep him from it. Oh, but he was even trickier! I walked into his room to find him behind his crib with his binky in his mouth! And he wouldn't come out, so I went and got the camera, and of course as soon as he saw the camera he was on the move so I didn't get a very good picture of him, but after my text book long get the idea!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Easton Buzzed!

Easton's Drawer

The Smiling Scone

The other day, I made scones for dinner! This one however is unique because when I turned it over it had a face! I enjoyed this so I took a picture! Can you see it?!?!

Father's Day 2007

I know these are from a little while back, but here are some pictures from Father's Day! Easton and I made Ace breakfast in bed and Easton was such a great help!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Pool Party!

Pool Party with Dad
Easton loves swimming!! This is Easton and Dad having some fun in the sun!! Click on this picture to see more of this pool party!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jesse's Graduation