Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy 4th of July! 07

We really didn't do much for the 4th of July because it is so stinkin hot here and of course it was the hottest day of the year (117 degrees if anyone wants to know) so it just wasn't worth doing much! But we had our friends Blake and Erin and their baby Aiden over for a bbq and some small fireworks! It was pretty fun!

Easton holding his first firework!

The men being tough and manly holding some sparklers!! :)

Easton LOVED ALL the fireworks! Espesicially the sparklers!


How cute is this!!!

Our friends Blake and Erin and the boys!!

These last two pictures are really cute, but brings some sad memories for poor little Aiden! Aiden was very nervous about the fireworks in the first place, but as I was taking this picture a piece of the sparkler fell into Aiden's shoe (through one of the holes) and burned pretty badly because we couldn't get his shoe off! It was so sad...we think he may be tramitized for life with fireworks! Plus look at his scowl-he knows whats coming!!

And here's the grand finale...........!

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