Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ellie at 4 months

The month of May just flew right on by, so now I’m playing catch up with the blog…sorry for so many posts.

Technically she’s 4 1/2 months.  She’s just growing like a weed.  I guess coming from Ty who couldn’t gain weight and was diagnosed “failing to thrive”, I feel like she’s huge.  But others say she is small, I think they are crazy :).  According to the doctor charts, she is tall and skinny.


Weight: 14lbs (50%)

Length: 26” (95%)

She is rolling over both ways, and already trying to pull herself up onto her knees…it’s the beginning of the end.  059Her first roll over moment.  She’s so proud.

She had her first taste of rice cereal, and loved it…sort of.  Well, she made some funny faces, but at least she swallowed it.  164She thoroughly enjoys the “Johnny Jump Up”166

She loves her big brothers, but she’s especially fascinated with Easton…probably because he is never farther than 5 inches away from her face.204

She is a pro at holding her bottle and has been for a while.007

She has managed to completely wrap daddy around her finger 019197003082

And then there’s the hair.  Those that know us know my boys hair is pure madness.  They each have FOUR cowlicks.  Ty’s hair stood straight up for at least his first year of life.  This one was after we trimmed it down…that look isn’t from me styling it…it did that on its own…and there was no other option.518114080_06

I was a little nervous about having a girl with 4 cowlicks and crazy hair she would never be able to control.  Imagine my delight when I saw her for the first time and immediately noticed only one cowlick!  Wahoo!  I thought this was great maybe her hair will lay down flat…131133 Nope.

When Ellie is older and starts doing her own hair, I know the day will come when she will complain to me about her cowlick.  And I will tell her to go take a good look at her brothers hair and be grateful for was she has.  And then she will be grateful.

Soccer & The Beginning of Summertime

I signed Easton up for soccer this year.  We aren’t much of a soccer family.  We know nothing about it, really.  But, Easton wanted to try it, so we thought we’d give it a go.  The first practice and game was pretty sad.  It was obvious that the other kids on the team had played soccer the year before, and about all Easton knew was to kick the ball.  I was worried that Easton was going to get discouraged, but he did the opposite.  He started practicing everyday in the backyard, and he loved every minute of every soccer game and practice.  005011This was the first game.  Notice Easton is the only one without shin guards…170Ahh…better.024This was right after he scored his first goal.  He was so thrilled that day.  Right before this game started he came up to me and said,  “I’m going to score a goal today….do you feel it, Mommy?”  Of course I said I feel it.  So glad he got one.215Next game.  He got two goals….and of course, I wasn’t able to get either one on camera.  But he is completely thrilled about it.photophoto (2)Yep. That’s my child picking at his finger nails in the picture.

And now that it’s summertime, we’ve done a few fun things. Uncle
Brad got a condo up at Snowbird, so we all went up to swim and hang out.  091093094096098105107109

A little trip Trafalga with Ryan, Rebecca, Carson, and Tate.092093100101

And our BBQ Birds.  One day, Ace opened the BBQ to find a ridiculously huge nest and 6 robin eggs.  428431117And then they hatched.

So naturally, we made bird feeders with our cousins.198199201202206210212216218
I’m sure those birds were just ecstatic.

And on the days there is nothing else to do (most of the days), we whip out the sprinkler…132134135136139And then, dry off by riding scooters…144Happy summer days!

We’ve Got Some Graduating Going On

Easton made it through his first year of school…only 12 more to go.  The week was full of events for him.  It started off with his animal diorama presentation…Each kid got to pick an animal to research, write a report, and present to all the parents.  Easton chose the Shark.  He was thrilled about this and talked about everyday.   014015156157158His report says: “Sharks have been alive since before dinosaurs.  A shark can grow so many teeth.  Over 20,000 in its life.  Sharks eat sea animals. The most dangerous sharks is great white shark and the tiger shark.  Baby sharks are named pups.”

Then Easton had field day.  A fire truck came, and sprayed the fire hose onto the field for all the kids.  Easton said, “This was the Best. School. Day. Ever.!”  089086118Easton and Mrs. Story.  Easton loved Mrs. Story and learned so much…she’s the best!  When I woke Easton up, and told him it was the last day of school he started to cry and said, “I’m never gonna see Mrs. Story again.”  You know a teacher has done a good job when the kid cries because it’s the last day of school.

And then my little sister, the baby of the family, just graduated from High School.  We’re nine years apart…I feel old.  She made it though, and we’re all super proud of her!116Ellie got her first Mani-Pedi for the celebration.  Even sporting the Lehi Purple.003On the big screen005011014017019020021024025031Congrats Lolo!  Love you!