Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Have A Borrower in my House

Did anybody ever see this movie?  It is about a family of little, tiny people who secretly live in the home of normal-sized people.  The tiny people "borrow" the things they need from the big people.  This was to explain those things that just seem to vanish...
"The borrowers must have taken it".

This last week, I was beginning to think I had a family of Borrowers living in my home.  Slowly things were going missing.  I couldn't find my can opener, and then some of my measuring cups disappeared.  I kept looking in my dishwasher thinking maybe I had just washed them, but they were no where to be found.  Until I was cleaning up Easton's room and I noticed something was under his bed.  I lifted the dust ruffle and found this...
Here's what is in the picture: A bracelet, can opener, lotion, potato peeler, toy car, syringe, eye cream for Ty, Motrin, cheese grater, measuring cups, and a nose sucker thing

I asked Easton what he was doing with all of this stuff, and all he said was, "To keep them away from Ty".
(FYI: these aren't things I generally let Ty play with...)

Good news is I don't have tiny borrowers living in my house.  Bad news, Easton makes up for them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

All We Needed Was A Little Jello...

  While we were in Utah, Ty made his walking debut. Ty has always been a little slower in the gross motor areas, but for a while now he has had a better way of getting around...

Ty has also been given the term "failure to thrive".  Meaning that he hasn't been gaining any weight, so we have been stuffing his face with all things fattening.  His Dr. is concerned that he isn't gaining weight and that he isn't walking.  So we were sent to the Early Intervention people to get him tested.  We went for his first test today
here's the good news:
-He has gained 1 pound since the visit to the Dr.
-They said that overall in all his areas, he is developing just fine
-Early Intervention is FREE
Bad news:
-His muscles aren't strong enough
-And he is too flexible
Which is why it has taken him longer in the gross motor area.  So now he gets to do some physical therapy to help him out.  I am happy that they think he is doing well and that we can get this physical therapy for him.  I will keep updating when I know more...

But Sunday, he made his first real, big move. My mom whipped out some Jello Jigglers and he couldn't hold back any longer, and I amazingly got it on video. This video is currently my favorite video ever because of all the things going on, so here are a few things to notice...
1. Obviously, Ty taking his first steps
2. The amount of people cheering Ty on (realizing that this is a very normal moment in my family)
3. Easton sneaking Jello the whole time

A Free Utah Trip

This last week, Ace's work needed someone to do some warranty work on a job they did in Utah a few years back...Ace graciously volunteered and let them know they wouldn't have to pay for a hotel because he has family there.  So, at the last minute, we headed for Utah on Wednesday night.  Ace had to work a half day on Friday, but other than that we got some real great family time...

We headed to the Casper's first
and did some kite flying with Grammy...
Playing with Cousins and Friends...
Here is Easton showing Annie how to use the gun...how sweet.

Then we headed down to Grandma Leelee's...
Easton made everyone that stepped in the door jump on the tramp with him
 Easton and Grandma Leelee
 Steven, Ryan, Jesse,Johnny, Logan and the boys
Jesse being made pretty
Jessica looking better than ever
 Grandma Leelee and the boys

It was such a nice trip and we loved seeing the family.
Plus, we didn't have to pay for the gas...major bonus.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Do You Get Paint In Your Nose?

Easton has a special ability to make anything that he does as messy as humanly possible.  I realize most 4 year old boys are messy, but I am pretty sure Easton has everyone beat.  I have to clean up after Easton way more than I ever do with Ty.  It truly baffles me how messy he gets.

So I guess I should know better than to let him paint.  Because that is a messy activity even without Easton involved.  But he loves it, so I do.

Things always start off innocently enough...
(Take a look at those nice, clean paints in the corner)

But it quickly goes downhill from there...
(remember what those paints looked like?)

A nice little smear across the face is a good addition.

Oh yeah, and then he did this...
And so...
that is how you get paint in your nose.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Look of Surprise...According to Ty

He obviously has a hard time showing his emotions.