Monday, May 17, 2010

A Free Utah Trip

This last week, Ace's work needed someone to do some warranty work on a job they did in Utah a few years back...Ace graciously volunteered and let them know they wouldn't have to pay for a hotel because he has family there.  So, at the last minute, we headed for Utah on Wednesday night.  Ace had to work a half day on Friday, but other than that we got some real great family time...

We headed to the Casper's first
and did some kite flying with Grammy...
Playing with Cousins and Friends...
Here is Easton showing Annie how to use the sweet.

Then we headed down to Grandma Leelee's...
Easton made everyone that stepped in the door jump on the tramp with him
 Easton and Grandma Leelee
 Steven, Ryan, Jesse,Johnny, Logan and the boys
Jesse being made pretty
Jessica looking better than ever
 Grandma Leelee and the boys

It was such a nice trip and we loved seeing the family.
Plus, we didn't have to pay for the gas...major bonus.

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Melissa said...

Don't you love trips like that?? We occasionally get out trips up to Utah paid for by the company too. LOVE IT!! Only we go see our friends up there since our fam is in AZ. :)