Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Camping with Blake and Erin in August was so much fun--we wanted to get another trip in before it got too cold! This time Ace and I came prepared with a tent that actually fit us ALL inside, and a FANTASTIC air mattress! It was a whole lot of fun!! Here are some highlights!

Camping Sep. 2007

Easton & Mommy's Shoes

All I can say is Easton enjoys his shoes... and if his aren't available...he will take yours! Cute...until you have no idea where your shoes went! This time Aiden was here and so they on this picture to see those ones!

Wearing Mommy's Shoes

Car! Guck! Ooooom!

Easton's newest Obsession...Cars and Trucks--and the sounds they make (vroom, vroom) He will sit and watch the cars go by out our window. And on garbage days the truck wakes him up in the morning and I hear him through the monitor saying, "Guck! Guck! Ooooom!" In other works, Truck truck vroom! Click on it for more...

Watching Cars

The Wiggles Hypnosis & Cuddling with Penny

So Easton will sit in front of The Wiggles and watch it all day long if I'd let him. He even learned the Wiggles sign! But when the wiggles are on it is a very serious time for Easton, no dancing or singing... just watching (although I did catch him with his hands over his head clapping and dancing once, but as soon as I made a comment he went back to sitting and watching!) Aiden does the same thing as well! Click on this picture to see more! This was just cute...Easton and Penny cuddling!!
Cuddling With Penny

What happens when you name your child after a baseball brand...

We haven't taught Easton how to hold a baseball bat or what it is for, and yet one day he walks out of his room with his bat over his shoulder and a baseball in hand!! He then proceeds to drop the baseball on the ground and trys to hit it with the bat! I couldn't believe it and Ace...he couldn't be prouder!! He says that it is because we named him 'Easton' it just comes along with the territory!! Click on this picture for more!

Easton's Baseball Skills

Homely Little Easton

Ok so here is Easton looking incredibuly fasionable! First, the clothes--he is wearing the T-shirt from that day with his pajama shorts--then sometimes he randomly requests a shoe on ( yes, I said A SHOE )

And yet look how happy he is...a weird weird kid!!

Homely Little Easton

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ashley Furniture FINALLY did Something!