Tuesday, June 22, 2010


About this time last year, we stopped paying our mortgage.  We decided to stop, after a lot of discussing, and praying, and thinking, thankfully not because we couldn't make the payments, but because we have out-grown our little 1300 square foot home and we couldn't rent it for anywhere near what our payment was.  The bank wouldn't even talk to us about negotiating the loan until we missed a payment, and when we did that, all they wanted to do was talk about collecting a payment (a real bunch of geniuses over there)...oh, and our home is now selling for $175,000 LESS than what we paid for it.

What a blessing that decision has turned out to be.  We have continued to live in our home up til now without making a payment, which has helped us build up our savings, and prepare for a better (and wiser) home purchase in the the future. 

But now, the time has come.  Our house has been approved for short sale, and it should close today or tomorrow!  Which means, we are moving.  This is a little bitter-sweet...this was our first home that we owned, and the home Easton and now Ty have spent their life in.  But on the other hand, we are excited to move on and more importantly, have more space! 

A little while back when we were trying to figure out where we should move to, the oh-so-awesome Custer Family mentioned that they were buying a new house and going to be moving soon.  They so awesomely offered us a teeny tiny rent payment for their ridiculously huge house that they are leaving behind for their even ridiculously huger house.  And so, we accepted.  We are so, so sad that the Custer's are moving away, but they are so great to let us stay in their home which will keep us in our ward and close to friends. 

So, after that novel of a story, if anyone is still reading, the plan...

The Custers are moving out on Thursday, and then we will be moving in on Saturday...how about that for timing eh?

Since this will most likely be the last post for a little bit I thought I would leave you with some cuteness...
Ty's first Fat lip

Easton's "Muscle Flex"

p.s: Just have to say that moving stinks, but in the summertime in Vegas it's like suicide, and yet, so far we have moved in the summer each time.  Lame.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Binky

I love binkies.  My babies love binkies.  We are a binky loving family.  And so, when it comes time to say goodbye to the binky there is some sadness, and just a little fear.

For some reason, with both Easton and Ty, I have noticed that I begin to fear the worst as I start thinking about taking the binky away.  I feel like it will be traumatizing for him and there will be many, many sleepless nights for the whole family.  So therefore, I try to put the event off with various excuses of why I should wait. 

I am pretty sure this fear stems from my childhood memories of my little sister, who, on a family vacation flight,  lost her binky. The world may as well have just stopped turning at that very moment.  For, that moment lead to the next week of listening to her screaming and crying and crying and screaming and screaming and crying every night.  I watched my poor mom run from store to store desperately trying to find the correct binky or any binky that little Lauren would be happy with.  None of them worked, but at the end of the week, Lauren (and the rest of us) survived and she was completely binky free... 
She is now, by the way, dating boys and driving cars (against my all my wishes).

From this memory, I knew what it would be like to be rid of the binky.  So, with Easton, I prepared myself, and then put it off, and then prepared again, and then put it off (This went on for a while).  And then, one day I did it.  I snipped the end off of the binky so there would be no suction...and he didn't care one bit.  He handed the binky to me, laid down, and went to bed.  The End.  What?!  I couldn't believe it, and thought for sure Easton was one in a million and it would never happen to me again...

Skip to present day,  Ty is just a bit older than Easton was (for that same reason of putting it off).  I was planning on doing it the same way, by cutting the tip, but last night as I was putting Ty to bed, I thought I would just try NOT giving him the binky and wait to see what his reaction would be.  
You know what happened?
Never made a peep.  Didn't even give me 'the look' that he was going to make a peep.  Nothing.
To many of you, this may be no big deal.  But, to me it's incredible because well, I saw what removing the binky could be like. 
So, I am happy.

p.s Tonight is night two, and so far so good, but now I am a bit nervous that because I am writing this I am going to jinx everything as soon it is posted. ha

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Running Into A Wall Hurts

That's what Easton found out.

We had just gotten home from the store and unloading the car, which Easton loves to help with.  He handed me something in the kitchen, and then took off running to the garage door get more stuff.  Instead, there was a loud 'thud', and then an insane amount of crying.  I am still a little confused about what happened here...

1. Because he completely missed the door by about 2 feet
2. Because he somehow only hit the underside of his chin. 

My guess is that he was running with is head tilted back and his eyes shut. 
I mean, that's so normal.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poop Problems

Disclaimer: Not that I will be sharing horribly disgusting details or anything, but if you couldn't tell by the title, this post is about poop.  Queasy readers...look away :)

Ever since Ty was born, he has had a problem with getting a little "backed up".  Well, a lot backed up...to the point that he is in major pain and screaming.  It's so so sad.  We tried prunes and juices and all types of food to help relieve him, but nothing really helps him.  Now I have to give him Miralax when he has such a hard time, and that seems to help him out a bit.

My point to this wonderful story is about the position that Ty gets in when he needs to poop.  I suppose he has gotten used to "struggling" so he automatically gets into position and prepares for the worst...
 So, is it horrible that I can't help but smile (maybe even laugh a little) every time I see him do this?