Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Running Into A Wall Hurts

That's what Easton found out.

We had just gotten home from the store and unloading the car, which Easton loves to help with.  He handed me something in the kitchen, and then took off running to the garage door get more stuff.  Instead, there was a loud 'thud', and then an insane amount of crying.  I am still a little confused about what happened here...

1. Because he completely missed the door by about 2 feet
2. Because he somehow only hit the underside of his chin. 

My guess is that he was running with is head tilted back and his eyes shut. 
I mean, that's so normal.


Lindsey said...

Isn't that how everybody runs?!!

Kati said...

At my house the walls, stairs, stair rail, etc. always jumps out at my boys and hurts them. I laugh every time!

Unguren said...

Our kids are always running into walls. You would think that they learn. They don't.