Monday, April 28, 2008

California Trip

This last weekend we got to go down to California to see my family! We stayed with my Aunt Allie and Uncle Russ and had tons of fun! We had my family and the Sloan's there---it was quite the full house! My brother, Jesse took his endowments out at the Newport Beach was really great to be there for that and the temple was beautiful!! It was also my sister's birthday while we were there and the rest of the time we just relaxed at the beach...what a great trip!

Fun things in April...

These are some of the fun things we did in April..

We went to the Dinosaur Park with Ruby. We had a lot of fun only bummer was that they haven't turned the water part on yet (Easton's favorite part) so we will be going back!

Aiden turned two! So we got to go to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate! They both had a ball trying out all of the rides, and eating yummy pizza!

We have also been going to some of the Las Vegas 51's baseball games! Our neighbors got VIP tickets to some the games--we were sitting in the front row right behind the catcher! A lady even came and cleaned off our seats before we sat down...needless to say, we felt pretty special!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh man, That's funny!

This is one of Easton's favorite thing say recently! Whenever he thinks something is funny he says "Oh man, that's funny!" Most of the time it is because he thinks he is funny, but he does say it every time he laughs at something!

The other day he said it and I said, "Yeah, you're funny"
he said, "Easton's funny",
then I said, "is Daddy funny?"
he said, "Yeah, Daddy funny"
I said, "is Penny funny?"
he said, "Yeah, Penny funny"
I said, "Is mommy funny?"
he said, "No"

So apparently I am the only one who is not funny in our family!! It did make me feel better though when I tried to get him to do again for Ace when he got home... and he said I was funny and Daddy wasn't there!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter...WAY late!

So here are the pictures from our Easter Egg Hunt with our ward! It was really fun because Mandy, James, & Corbin were in town, and our friends Adam & Julia and their two kids, Brooklyn & Jake, so we all went together! I think all of the kids had a really great time, although, it did get a bit intense during the actual hunt (notice Ace in the video grabbing Easton to make sure he gets some eggs)!!! Click on the picture to see more...

Easter 2008