Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh man, That's funny!

This is one of Easton's favorite thing say recently! Whenever he thinks something is funny he says "Oh man, that's funny!" Most of the time it is because he thinks he is funny, but he does say it every time he laughs at something!

The other day he said it and I said, "Yeah, you're funny"
he said, "Easton's funny",
then I said, "is Daddy funny?"
he said, "Yeah, Daddy funny"
I said, "is Penny funny?"
he said, "Yeah, Penny funny"
I said, "Is mommy funny?"
he said, "No"

So apparently I am the only one who is not funny in our family!! It did make me feel better though when I tried to get him to do again for Ace when he got home... and he said I was funny and Daddy wasn't there!!

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