Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We’ve Got Some Graduating Going On

Easton made it through his first year of school…only 12 more to go.  The week was full of events for him.  It started off with his animal diorama presentation…Each kid got to pick an animal to research, write a report, and present to all the parents.  Easton chose the Shark.  He was thrilled about this and talked about everyday.   014015156157158His report says: “Sharks have been alive since before dinosaurs.  A shark can grow so many teeth.  Over 20,000 in its life.  Sharks eat sea animals. The most dangerous sharks is great white shark and the tiger shark.  Baby sharks are named pups.”

Then Easton had field day.  A fire truck came, and sprayed the fire hose onto the field for all the kids.  Easton said, “This was the Best. School. Day. Ever.!”  089086118Easton and Mrs. Story.  Easton loved Mrs. Story and learned so much…she’s the best!  When I woke Easton up, and told him it was the last day of school he started to cry and said, “I’m never gonna see Mrs. Story again.”  You know a teacher has done a good job when the kid cries because it’s the last day of school.

And then my little sister, the baby of the family, just graduated from High School.  We’re nine years apart…I feel old.  She made it though, and we’re all super proud of her!116Ellie got her first Mani-Pedi for the celebration.  Even sporting the Lehi Purple.003On the big screen005011014017019020021024025031Congrats Lolo!  Love you!

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