Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Brother is a Married Man

On May 1st, my favorite brother got married to the cutest of the cutest girls, Sami!  Wahoo!  It was a long time coming, and we are all so thrilled for them!  What a great day…minus the awful, most incredibly painful heals I’ve ever worn in my life…seriously, I wear heals often, and I’ve never experienced pain like that. Other than my shoes, spectacular day!
First was the dinner the night before.  Great food. Great company.  Sami’s sisters had made this cute little marriage prep gift, and they did a little speech with it.  During their speech, my mom felt like we should do something for Jesse, summoned Lauren and I to the front, which just basically ended in a cry fest.  Bleh. 047049050054055  Once everyone was leaving the boys started running around the place.  These glass windows were their favorite.  Unbeknownst to Easton, there were some of these giant glass windows next to the doorway.  Thinking it was just open, he ran full speed into one of these glass walls, and literally bounced back three feet.  Scared him silly.  It was one of those times where I was trying to comfort him, while holding back my laughter at the same time….I’m not very good at that.  And I’m pretty sure I could have won $100,000 on Funniest Home Videos had I been filming it.  Bummer.
On to the wedding day.  If my smile looks off or forced in anyway…It’s those shoes, they don’t look that bad, but they are deceiving…Ouch. I’ll tell you what, Ouch.026024My cute boys.  Can you tell Ty is thrilled to be in a pink bowtie?  Because he is.030The beautiful Sanders Sisters.079Us girl cousins with our super great Grandpa John.  (I will again attribute my awkward stance and death grip on Lauren’s arm to my shoes.)033The Happy Couple
And then my boys invade…035036037038039041044055Just want to quickly point out the strong hold my mom has on Jesse…It’s hard for her to let go of him.  He is after all, the favorite. :) hehe059060Once he got his pink bowtie AND a pink flower, this boy’s happiness couldn’t be hidden.062Easton was just happy there was food.063And Ellie just slept the night away.
Congrats you two!! We are so, so happy and excited for you!  Love you guys!

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Bill Williams said...

Hey, I know some of these people! :) I was so bummed I couldn't make it.

I will say, I had to take a couple of double-takes with these pictures. I can't believe how much Jesse has started to look like his dad (and thus me, too). I thought a couple of them were pictures of me when I was a kid.

Thanks for posting since I haven't gotten a chance to see many pics yet.