Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First, First Day

Easton started preschool last Wednesday.  As I was taking these pictures, I sat there in disbelief that I have a child in preschool.  Then I realized that this was just the beginning... every new year for the next 13-plus years I will again be in disbelief at where the time has gone, and Easton will again be complaining about all the pictures I am taking and whining about the sun being in his eyes.  The circle of life.

In anticipation of the first day of school, most of the conversations with Easton were about his backpack.  He just couldn't seem to make up his mind.  I mean, it's hard to choose between all those superheros.  He went back and forth between spiderman and batman a lot, but he never wanted to commit to one.  Then on a whim, while we were in Utah, we ran into Walmart to see if he could chose one.  And Utah's Walmart had the perfect backpack.  Easton ran to it and didn't need to see any other backpack.  The decision was made (and it wasn't even a superhero)...
At preschool with his classmates...(know that there were four other moms right along side me taking this same picture.)
Enjoying the {1st annual} after school tradition of milk & cookies (I made these cookies. Yum.)
Easton came home so happy about the first day, and has loved everyday since.  
When he came home that first day he said, "Did you miss me?"
Me: "Yes.  I missed you soo much."
Easton: "Good.  'Cause I missed you thiiiiiiiisssssssss much." (stretching his arms far apart)  


Melissa said...

How fun for him!!! I'm always in disbelief every school year too. Especially now that I have 2 in school! How the heck did that happen??? The first year Brayden was in your preschool, Conner cried for about 30 minutes because he missed his big brother. It was so sad! It made me sad! But I don't cry when they are off to school now, I just am shocked that they are another year older! Hope he has a great year!

Kati said...

Just wait until he goes to kindergarten, then 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd, then 4th...wow, I'm getting old!

Unguren said...

Sending kids off to school is a very strange feeling. It is being super excited for free time and nervous for them all at the same time.

Laney had the same problem with picking out a back pack except with Laney it was....princess or princess?