Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Hotwheels Party

 ---We've been in the midst of  "Birthday Season" and busy busy, so I finally had a chance to blog about all the festivities...four posts later.  (To see Ty's birthday post you have to click 'older posts')---

This is the second time that we’ve moved to a new place right before their birthdays.  So we only had a couple friends from the neighborhood, but luckily we have a slew of cousins who saved the day.218The birthday boys!
First, the Cakes and Décor…219224220223226227231228229230
We started out painting racecars…235237238240241I made this “Pin the Wheel on the Hotwheel” game.  The kids loved it.  Easton and Ty still ask to play with it.207278Only problem was that I forgot about a blindfold…luckily shoving a hat over their faces works just as well.
We had some straw blowing races…249251There was some cheating.254But it was still well received.260I just love this picture of Carson.  He was so excited to tell me he made it to the finish line, but also didn’t want to stop chewing his licorice (who wouldn’t).  Ha it makes me so happy.
Present opening… 263269
Singing Happy Birthday…Twice. And Cake and Ice cream273274
The birthday gang…Minus Carson and Jack because I’m an idiot and forgot to take the picture when everyone was there.283289
Welp, I’m officially all partied out.
Until Next Year!

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