Tuesday, April 23, 2013

March Sum Up

Welp. Here I am again playing catch up!

So here’s another big, huge post about what’s been happening…

Towards the end of February, my brother, Jesse had a major snowboarding accident…he shattered his knee and broke his leg.291294309   They couldn’t do reconstructive surgery right away because of the swelling.  So instead, they drilled a 20 lbs. bar into his thigh and shin bones to stabilize his leg until they could do the surgery (a week later!)… gaaaaggggg it still gives me the willies!002There was lots of time spent in the hospital, but the boys kept us entertained…020After they did the surgery, we got Jesse home by making a bed in the back of my van for him.026

—Bad Mom Moment—  I had to rearrange the kids car seats when I removed the middle seat section to go get Jesse.  And I may or may not have forgotten to lock Ty’s carseat into place…022The first turn I made out of my neighborhood, this happened… So of course, I pulled over, took this picture, AND THEN fixed it…nice, tight, and secure.

Scared him silly.

Jesse is in physical therapy now, he has a long way to go, but is doing 100 times better!

The boys have been helping decorate033034

Ellie’s hair looks like this every night after taking her hair out…037

Ty has been practicing his name a lot… sometimes that ‘s’ just gets the best of him.031

We got a package with a whole lot of bubble wrap in it…nothing better than that.046047049

Ty loves to watch Easton do his homework, but really, who wants to sit in a chair?061063Not this boy.

Ty started Itty Bitty Ball.  He was pretty timid and shy, but he always came home completely thrilled and still hasn’t stopped talking about it.  070The best part was the sucker after every game.140149175182

The last day, they whipped out the parachute.  I mean, who doesn’t love the parachute?!  Ty was all smiles.188193But he may have just been smiling because they gave him a grocery bag to hold his certificate and treats in… He came running up to me, “Mommy!  They gave me this bag!!!!”  Ty does love a good bag.194Ty and his new neighbor friend, Brandon.

Ellie has become a little tornado of destruction everywhere she goes.  But her favorite place is the kitchen.124126This was all done while I was making dinner…and all of the stuff in this picture doesn’t even go in those drawer…she completely swapped all of this from other cupboards.  Lovely.

And then our friend, Claudia, got our family tickets to Disney On Ice!084086088095The kids LOVED it…It’s possible I loved it more.

Now, my dear little Ellie.  She loves to eat.  There isn’t too much that she won’t eat, and eat a LOT of.135137Food makes her happy.

But she has learned that it takes far too long to use a spoon, or even her hand to get the food to her mouth…138This is the most efficient way.

Easton wrote this cute letter at school for St. Patrick’s Day.  I love it.196And then, there’s this girl.  Katie.  She is in our carpool.  Easton talks about her a lot.  Easton says “maybe I have a little tiny crush on her”.  But I think it’s a pretty big crush when you dedicate your final animal research book to her AND her family…215

Easton got to have a sleepover with his cousin, and so,  to compensate, we took Ty for a ride on the Sheels Ferris Wheel…he’s never been happier.211And last, but not least… 309313I know it’s completely unrealistic, and maybe a little revealing… But I just couldn’t help myself!  Come on!  It’s a yellow polka dot bikini! But, it will be the only bikini I will allow…ever.

That’s all for now…anyone who is still reading this, I commend you!

Get excited… the Easter and Conference post is coming tomorrow.


Lindsey said...

I'm not gonna lie, I've missed you blogging. I laughed out loud at the car seat incident, I may have done that before.

Lindsey said...

I'm not gonna lie, I've missed you blogging. I laughed out loud at the car seat incident, I may have done that before.