Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter & Conference

Easter was great this year.  On Saturday, Ryan and Rebecca threw a great Easter/birthday celebration for my cute little nephew, Tate!226Holy smokes! Look how cute he is!
Of course there was an egg hunt…217219
We trapped Ellie and Tate on the Trampoline with their own eggs so as not to get attacked by the big kids222227229
They were all happy with their big ol’ loot232236 Now, it’s time for our Annual Cousin Easter Picture Shoot…238239240241242Way to go kids! Way to go.
Then, we colored eggs…245I don’t know what Corbin is up to in this picture…but I assure you he’s fine.
246The next morning was Easter, and the Easter bunny treated us real well!247251252Oh that hair.257She had to wear everything in her basket.
And now, for round 2.  The Annual Easter Sunday picture… First we tried to do it outside.260261262That went well enough.
Then we headed inside to try again…263265So that’s how that went.

Then all of my family came over for Easter Dinner.  And it was a party.
Had one more little hunt.271270And tried for some more family shots.  Why, you ask? I haven't got a clue.272273279IMG_9417IMG_9418IMG_9420Look. At. Us.
Happy Easter.
Then General Conference Weekend was the best Ever.  My dad got us a 4 bedroom room(basically a condo) at the Escala Lodge in Park City.  Jesse and Lauren sang in the restaurant, We ordered room service and lounged around in our pjs all day long, listening to the Prophet.  Fan-tistically-tastic.323324326328329331337
Awesome weekend.  Thanks again to Dad, and to Claudia!

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