Thursday, September 10, 2009


Me and Ty made a trip by ourselves this time...Easton stayed with Ace here in Vegas for some father-son bonding time. It was weird not having Easton with me, I haven't been away from him for that long ever, but the boys had fun together. Easton probably had more junk food this past weekend than he has had in is lifetime :)

I went up for the annual "Sister's Retreat" where all of the married sisters, and girl cousins get together up in Midway...away from it all...
Just doing a little arts and crafts...

Jessica and I at the Midway festivities
The two babes who came along...little Charlie and Ty

We obviously couldn't bare to leave it ALL behind...

A 'quick' family shot that took about six shots to get
everyone to look at the camera (Ty)
We did a lot of shopping tuckered little Ty out, but he got comfy

Ty and I flew back to vegas
Ty's first airplane ride...very thrilling
He did wake up at the very end and was as happy as a clam!

So it was a super fun trip, but I am glad to be back with my other 2 boys and I am thinking I can unpack my bags for a little while, so I am happy.

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