Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bonding Time with Elder Williams...

Although this is definitely not was Jesse had in mind, spending his year mark of his mission at home with his family, it has been so great to see him and see the growth he has already made while serving the people in Brazil. Coming home meant he got to meet Ty for the first time and really bond with Easton. The whole time we were there Jesse made it a point to tease Easton, and for some reason Easton would just come back for more! They had a lot of fun together, but probably the highlight of the week was when Jesse took Easton & Ty shopping for some "stylin'" clothes. Jesse has always been, as he says, "ahead of the styles" so he wanted to teach the boys a thing or two about how to look good.

He got Ty a little romper, and of course, it had a guitar on it.
And Easton some white pants with those black Vans after that, everyone said Easton was a mini Jesse.
Jesse also tried to teach Easton how to wear a towel around his waist, as you can tell, Easton was not quite ready for that step...

The family

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