Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Back, and with Much to Say

Well, we are all back in Vegas. Back to the hot weather, and our regular daily lives. It was quite the trip to Utah...Our family drove up last Wednesday to welcome Elder Jesse Williams home for a short "break" while he gets better. We picked him up on Thursday, and spent time with him Friday. On Saturday, we had the Roberts Annual Family Reunion down in Richfield. We left early in the morning, and spent the day there. And that's where Ace left us...he went back to Vegas because he had to work, Easton, Ty, and I drove back up with Uncle Brad to stay with Jesse for the week. Because he wasn't going to be released, and my mom has a full time job, a family member needed to be with Jesse, plus we just wanted to be with Jesse while he was home. Ace came back the next Friday, and we all spent the weekend together! There were many pictures taken, so I tried to divide them up into separate posts to keep it a little more organized, just beware of the massive amounts of pictures!
This picture was taken on the way here. I had put that pillow on the side of Easton to help him be more comfy. After about a half hour I hear Easton say, "Mommy, this hurts." I look back to see Easton's head completely kinked to the side so I told him to move the pillow up a little bit. I didn't hear from him for a bit so I looked back and saw him asleep like this...apparently this is more comfy!

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Kati said...

Your blog is way cute! Glad to see you on blogspot now.