Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1 Missionary + 2 Moms + 4 Kids Under the Age of 3 = 1 Fantastic Day at the Zoo

Easton, Ty, and I are still here in Utah. Ace is back home in Vegas working :( we miss him! Elder Jesse Williams is doing well, and the doctors are optimistic that he will be able to go back to Brazil (or at least Portuguese speaking state side)pretty quickly. It has been fun spending time with him and really neat to see how much he has learned and grown this past year down in Brazil.

So many things have been going on, I am taking too many pictures. So I thought I would post about our trip to the zoo so that Ace can see the pictures...and so I will have less catching up to do when I get back home!

We went with my cousin Ginay and her two cute kids, Jake & Sophie. Poor Ginay pushed her sit n stand with her kids, and Easton who insisted on being on the stroller...while I just pushed little Ty around!

Since I was Jesse "companion" for the day (he hasn't been released so he has to be with a family member at all times) he was nice enough to spend the day with us at the zoo! He looks so happy...

He got Easton this hat so his blond head wouldn't get burnt
Jake & Easton

We saw lots of animals...
Elephant bones compared to Easton
That bear sat balancing on the edge of the log the entire time we were there. We could see him wobbling back and forth. I said, "I wonder why he chose that spot to sit" Jesse said, "He has probably sat in every spot there is to sit in there and decided to start challenging himself with hard spots to sit to make it exciting."


and birds that stood on one leg

The look on Easton's face in these last two pictures of sheer joy express how he felt about being at the zoo...

And I learned something new at the zoo... I found this fabulous little sign outside of the tigers cage. I loved it so much I took a picture to share with all of you...

Sorry for the plethora of pictures, but know there are many more to come!


Melissa said...

That warning sign is awesome!! I'm glad they point that out. I wonder how many people got sprayed with Tiger pee in order for them to decide they need to put up a warning sign! YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

funny. ha ha. i will not leave my name!