Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Park City Weekend

Ace’s birthday and our 8th wedding anniversary was this last week.  And since it was the last week before Easton started school, Ace decided to take the whole week off from work.  It was a real treat having him home, and not feeling like we had to be anywhere for anything. 

016We did a lot of relaxing in our pj’s

Then, for Ace’s birthday, the boys and I made Ace a shirt designed to get the kids to scratch his back with cars…it worked marvelously.  We went to dinner, and had cake.  026028030What more could you ask for?

Oh, maybe a weekend in an awesome hotel…for free?  Sure.

My dad got us a place at the Escala Lodge in Park City.  The best.  The owner, Claudia, treats us like celebrities every time we go.  We got passes to on the gondola ride, the boys were in heaven!058049This is when we started going.  They were screaming like we were on a roller coaster050055056057Ellie just chilled in the stroller the whole ride.

We did some swimming…031It was Ellie’s first time in the pool.  She loved every bit of it….034037039Especially the splashing part.036043046

Then, Awesome Aunt Mandy and Uncle James offered to take the boys for the rest of the weekend for our anniversary.  So, we invited them up to swim, and then they took the boys home…leaving us with only one child.  I mean, piece. of. cake.068Corbin and Easton.  Best Cousins.069071

It was a fabulous weekend! Thanks dad for getting us the place, and thanks to Mandy and James for taking our crazy boys (they even took all 5 kids to church!)  That deserves a huge round of applause!

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Brenda said...

I love reading you blog, Lisa. Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures! What a cute family you have!