Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ellie at 6 Months


Ellie’s Stats:

Length: 27 inches (79%)

Weight: 15 pounds 5 ounces (50%)

This little girl is busy, busy, busy!  She has been crawling/scooting for about a month, and she is into everything in her path.  My boys took their sweet time learning to move, especially Ty who didn’t crawl until he was around 11 months.  So Ellie has shocked us all with how fast she is getting around.  She needs to slow down!  She has been getting into the trash cans, and anything else within reach that can make a mess…which is just my favorite. 015100her push-ups.

123She loves, loves her binky.  But if she has something to say, or is in the mood to stick her tongue out there is no need to take the binky out, she is a pro a scooting the binky to the side for times like that.

She loves to practice her modeling pose…194227238250235

272She has mastered the sitting postion285And loves her brothers.

138She is in the process of getting her bottom two teeth.  Notice the drool.

She is eating solid foods.  Her favorite is green beans.  She loves all of the veggies…except tolerates the peas, but so far refuses to eat the fruits.  If I manage to get some fruit in her mouth, she immediately begins to gag, gets the chills, and spits it back out.  I have never seen a child love the veggies and hate the fruit.  Funny girl.

139141She is super happy all the time.  Loves to babble, and sing.  We just love her.

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