Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Are All Used To This By Now…

We Moved!  Shocking, I know.

Here’s a little sum up…

My mom had an opportunity to move back into her old house in Orem.  This is where she has been wanting to live, and where she will be once we leave. 

Ace and I have decided to build a home in Lehi…Literally, the last place I thought we’d live in Utah,  (no offense Lehi people, but when I was growing up, Lehi was a little bit of a joke) but I guess is started to grow on us! 

I also didn’t think that we’d be building again.  But the builders are letting Ace do all of the exterior of the home, which will be saving us a lot of moola.  So we are building.

Problem is, they just started to dig.  They say it takes them 90 days from the time they dig to finish the house.  I am planning on 120 days, because I feel a little jinxed when it comes to things like that.  Plus, if it is shorter than 120 days, I will be pleasantly surprised.  So, because of timing, we had to move to Orem with my mom.  My poor, poor mother! 

And so, we put all of our things in storage and here we are, waiting for the day when we finally have our own house again! Here’s what they have done so far:2012_08_22_16_16_07_4302012-08-23_18-47-18_6212012-08-23_18-47-03_692Just a whole lot of dirt!

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