Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Confessions of a First-Grader

Easton: "Mom.  I need to tell you something."

Me:  "Okay. What?"

Easton:  "Well, I have a girlfriend."

Me:  "Oh really?! Wow. What's her name?"

Easton: {long pause} "Uhhh...I can't remember.  BUT, she is beautiful!"

Me: "Well, that's pretty great, but is she nice?  It's important that she is nice too."

Easton: "Oh yeah!  She is nice....but she is wwwaaaaaayyyyyy beautiful!"

Me:  "And, you should probably find out what her name is since she is your girlfriend and all..."

Easton came home from school the next day, and proudly announced that his beautiful girlfriend's name is, Millie.


Lindsey said...

He's as has as hailey, she is always in love with someone!! Knowing names is always a plus though.

Kaytie said...

That is a hilarious story. I love it!