Monday, October 29, 2012

So Many Things…

Worst blogger of the year goes to… me!  Holy smokes we’ve been so busy, and I’ve been so lazy, I haven’t blogged about any of it.  So here comes just a LARGE sum up of what has been going on…

September:  We went up to the cabin with the whole family for a little getaway.  How cute are these cousins?!072092

We threw a shower for our newest sister in law, Lauren!  Look at that fabulous cake Rebecca made!093095

Miss Ellie had her first shopping cart ride sitting in the seat, and learned to make some new faces133140165

Easton’s school had a carnival.  The boys favorite thing was this lizard obstacle course thing.  It was basically the only thing they did.193196197I did pull them away long enough for a little train ride and some cotton candy.199202203205

And our house got framed. Whoop!184060We stop by the house nearly everyday to see what’s new, and the first thing the boys do is run to the soon to be back yard, where there is the most giant mound of dirt.  They climb up it.  They slide down.  They roll down.  They throw dirt up in the air.  They stuff dirt in their shoes.  Every. Day.  Do you have a good visual?  It’s like every little boy’s dream, and every mother’s worst nightmare.


Easton got his first loose tooth067011Then he lost it, at school, eating a pear. (10/25/2012)034And got his first golden dollar from the Tooth Fairy!

Uncle Jesse has been trying real hard to make sure Ellie likes him the best.  So far so good.079

089The Family Softball team ended its season. (side note: right after I took this picture, a ball was flying straight for my head. This entire team was yelling at me to look out. I ducked and it barely missed me, so I say thank you to this crew for saving my life! But really, I wish I had it on video…literally, they were all screaming at me.)110Now that Ellie’s hair fits into pig tails, she has some pretty wild hair in the mornings.147But loves bath time in the big tub.125Easton had a bring “Grands” to lunch day.  Both grandmas came!

But the big deal this month was Brad and Lauren tied the knot.  Super great day!213159161183I just can’t get enough of these cute cousins!214Doesn’t this couple look so great with 8 kids all under the age of 6?!  I think so.  Definitely a look into the future.225

Then, we took a little trip to the zoo with some friends.252253254257263266

And last but not least, Ace got started on the exterior of our house.  It went from this:133To This:278Just waiting on the stone!282Plus, my kitchen is in, and we have power!

The End.

Whew! I commend anyone who made it this far through this gargantuan post!  I will try to stay on top of blogging our adventures…but for now, I’m off to have some chocolate.

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Lindsey said...

I am so excited for you to have a new house and a little jealous too- it's looking so good. I was beginning to wonder if you had given up on blogging like so many others, so I am glad you came back!! I hope to read more in the future. (hint, hint)