Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012… A Re-run



This year, Halloween was a little lame in the costume department.  My sewing stuff is all in storage, we’ve been so busy with the house, and we weren’t sure when we’d actually be moving (hopefully Saturday); so I decided it would be best if we re-used a costume theme.  Ace really wanted to do Shrek again, but Easton wasn’t thrilled about being Puss n Boots.  So, we decided on the Mario Gang…with a few changes.Ace and I stayed the same: Mario and Princess Peach.  I really tried to get Ty to be Easton’s old costume, Luigi, but all he wanted to be was Toad, and luckily he is a small little bugger and it still fit him, so Toad he was.  The new additions were Ellie as Toadette, and Easton as Bowser. 
066068056So, as soon as I brought up the idea of being the Mario people again, Easton immediately begged and begged and BEGGED to be Bowser.  And I thought since I wasn’t making a whole slew of costumes, I could make Bowser for him.
Normally, when I am thinking of how to make a costume, I can sort of envision it in my head before hand…I can picture the finished product.  (not that it always ends up looking like it does in my head…but alas, that is not the point).  But this Bowser, I had no idea what I was going to do the entire time.  I literally had bits and pieces of it lying on the floor, and no clue how I was going to put it together.  Mostly, it was the head piece giving me grief.  I even said to Easton as I was making it that I wasn’t sure it was going to work, and he said,
“NO!  Mom, you can do it!  I believe in you!” 
I mean, how do I say no to that?  (so much for an easy year)
So, it got finished.  Not sure how, but it did.  And it just kept getting bigger, and I just couldn’t (and still can’t) stop laughing at it.057058059
We had a trunk or treat in G-ma and G-pa Casper’s ward with all of the family.  Ahhhh how cute are these kids?!061081082085
And then just our regular old Halloween night.040”Look out Toad, Bowser is coming to get you!”041Run!!”042”Toad is in trouble!”045”But then, he unleashes his Fireball Power.”048”Those Fireballs scared Bowser into friendship”049054060The cutest little Toadette around!065064074”It looks like Bowser’s getting angry again.”075”Mario, Toad, and Toadette are ready to fight back this time…”076077”Am I seeing a friendship handshake from Bowser?”
One more thing.  My family sort of loved the Bowser costume…maybe a little too much?? Some of them couldn’t resist trying the costume on themselves…092Uncle Jesse as Bowser.097Grandma Leelee as Bowser
So my question to you is…104Who wore it best?

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Lindsey said...

All you costume making people amaze me, I would never be able to put stuff like that together. Your nomad bowzer is pretty funny, but easton was probably the best!