Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We were the Super Mario Gang...
Luigi & Toad

Mario & Princess Peach

Luigi, ready to shoot a fireball.

 Just a couple of the cute little Toad...
This year was the most sewing I've done for costumes, ever.  My favorite part of it all was the making of the hats... The Mario/Luigi hats were so fast and easy, and that made me happy.  The toad hat...well that is the reason we all decided to be Mario characters, because really, no one could be a cuter Toad than Ty...He is pretty much a replica of the real thing.  One bummer, I never found a halfway decent blond wig for my costume, so Princess Peach was a brunette this year.

The night was a trunk or treat success:
 Collecting loads of candy.
Ty was pretty thrilled about the whole thing. He walked the whole time and refused to let me hold his basket even when it was ridiculously heavy...apparently afraid pieces of candy might go missing.
All the walking exhausted them, so they chowed down on some hot dogs.

I love dressing up as a family for Halloween, hopefully I can get a few more years in before there is a major protest.


Kati said...

You guys look so cute. I wish Josh would dress up, but he refuses to.

BTW, How did you get Ty to keep that hat on?

Lindsey said...

You guys looked great-like every year1. Wel1 done!!

Courtney Alldredge said...

I have been waiting to see these! There was a family here that did the Mario Bros. thing and I totally thought of you. Ty is an awesome Toad and the rest of you look great too! Happy Halloween!

Unguren said...

You guys look awesome. I am sure you can do theme costumes for a couple more years. My kids have yet to protest.

Next year you can do Candyland. You totally have enough people. :)

and...I like your crown. I tried to find one for Laney and all I could find was a tiara. Oh well.

Brianne said...

I love seeing your guys' halloween costumes every year. You guys make a cute mario and princess!! Good work on all of your sewing! I totally look up to you that you can do that! Easton and Ty are so dang cute!

The Casper's said...

Thanks everyone!

Kati- Ty LOVED that hat. He loves any kind of hat, in fact he was more mad about wearing the vest. He wore that hat all day.

Hannah- it took me forever to find a crown...it's the same one I used last year. It's actually a child's crown so it barely fits my head, and it was silver, but nothing a little gold glitter puffy paint couldn't fix.

Alissa said...

You guys have such good ideas for costumes! I can't believe how much your kids have grown! It all happens so fast huh?