Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soccer Finale, Robert’s Reunion, my B-day, and the 4th Celebrations

We’ve had a busy few weeks…Easton had his last soccer game.  He loved soccer so much.  He kept track of all the goals he scored during the season, and still announces to anyone who mentions soccer that he scored 6 goals.  He makes sure people ask about it by wearing his soccer shirt everyday.094  We went straight from the soccer game (the reason Easton looks like he is posing for his soccer photos) to the always fabulous annual Roberts Reunion down in Richfield.  We ate, played games, and of course, posed for the annual family pictures.095101105

Then along came my birthday.  I got a couple days of celebration with lunches, shopping, dinners, and thanks to Mandy and James, a day with Ace at Seven Peaks with no little kidlets!  So fun.140152144Annnnd I pretended like I got this gem of a car for my birthday.  But it’s my dad’s and I’m not gonna lie, I was scared silly driving it.  When my dad told me to “floor it”, I listened, and then I may or may not have screamed like a little school girl….

For the 4th of July, we headed over to Ryan and Rebecca’s for a yummy Barbeque and fireworks.  We almost had one firework blow up a few houses…and us, but no one was injured and all was well.  Fun night with the family!233322324325327328331332It took some coaxing…333But he eventually got the hang of it.337Easton, on the other hand, gets the “Mad Scientist” look every year.343348349352 Ellie made this face every time a firework went off.  Obviously, it kept Easton entertained.

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Lindsey said...

Busy, busy!! Looks like some fun times and I love that you went to seven peaks without kids!! So fun.