Monday, July 6, 2009

A Side Note

Some of you may have noticed for the past little while, a lot of my pictures have Easton dressed in the same "outfit" if you can call it that. I want you to know that Easton is NOT in need of more clothing. He has just become an enormous fan of Batman ( he has never even seen any type of batman show before) I bought his these PJ's back at Halloween so that he had something to wear underneath his costume. Ever since then he has been obsessed! They are in the wash every other day it seems, and if he does not wear them to bed, a lot of the time he will go in and put them on himself. So, on the days he wants to be Batman, most of the time I allow it, because it isn't really a big deal to me (because dressing up is fun, and I always did it too) and thus, most of the pictures I take of him he is in this costume. Please don't donate clothing...he has plenty and know that it does get washed...a lot!

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Unguren said...

I just made the joke because you had told me about it before. He is cute. Let him wear those as much as he wants.