Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Dilemmas of Summertime in Vegas

It's hot. Really hot. They say that there is an "excessive heat warning" once it hits 112 degrees. Right now it is about 110 to 111 and pretty sure there is no difference between that and 112.

Anyway, because of the heat, it is hard for me to take the boys outside. I don't think Easton would care a bit about the heat, but I don't like being outside very long with Ty. Because of this, we have stayed inside a lot to keep cool. And Easton is a crazy ball of energy, being cooped up is NOT a good thing for him.

Needless to say, I have been going a bit crazy! The other problem is that our backyard is tiny and mostly rocks...not the best place for a 3 year old to play. I told Ace that we needed to get something for Easton to do. We bought a little pool for Easton to play in, and it is perfect!

Except for the fact that it takes up our entire porch, I figure it is so stinkin' hot what else are we going to use the porch for! It is a good size for Easton to play in and Ace and I can get in to cool down. The best part...Easton wears himself out so good, he is taking lovely afternoon naps!

So even though my backyard looks like a big blue mess, I don't care...I love this pool!

Cute little Ty

Even in the short time we have had the pool I see him getting better. He isn't nervous about swimming under the water, in fact he said "he loves swimming under the water"
I took a video towards the end of his swimming day, and you can tell he is completely out of breath, but he just won't stop!


Melissa said...

Yeah... I so wish we had a pool!!! We have been thinking of buying one of those above ground ones, we are keeping our eyes out for a good deal on one. It would be the best thing right about now when it is so freaking hot!!!

Lindsey said...

Tell me about it- my kids are off track and with a newborn we are really cooped up and going crazy.

We put up the pool yesterday and the seams have leaks. Now what?!!

Did I mention we are going crazy around here?

Unguren said...

Blake and I always talked about getting a pool so that we would have something to I guess that doesn't matter so much. It is much cooler here in Utah.